Below we feature performing artists that Dashville manage, nurture and/or encourage. Talented artists who share a similar ethos amongst the musical vocation we all create.

William Crighton


William Crighton has released 3 albums; William Crighton 2016, Empire 2018 and Water & Dust 2022.

The majority of his albums were written by him and his wife and collaborator Julieanne.

Crighton’s music and songs are not sculpted to fit fad or trend. He is travelling his own track.

Ben Salter

Ben Salter is one of Australia’s most highly regarded performers and songwriters.

As well as being a founding member of Giants of Science, The Gin Club and the three-time ARIA-nominated Wilson Pickers, he is also an accomplished solo artist, releasing 3 highly acclaimed LPsThe Cat (2011), The Stars My Destination (2015) and Back Yourself (2017).

Ben Salter has toured extensively across Australia and the world, both solo and with his band, and his captivating live performances have become quasi-legendary.

Melody Pool Press shot

Melody Pool

Melody Pool is an acclaimed singer and songwriter from the Hunter Valley. In 2022, Melody Pool will announce her awaited return with new music penning its way into her sets, exploring a new and re-birthed brilliance hinting at subjects of empowerment, resurgence and uprising.

Magpie Diaries

Magpie's songs capture shared elements of his life growing up in the bush at Dashville and time travelling about the wide world, the relationships formed, the experiences in between. His colourful songs cruise in approach and have a direct emotional thrust that cuts to the core of the Australian spirit.

Dave Wells

There are certain writers who command moving melodies and lyrics in equal measure. Dave Wells is one of those supreme talents, and has quickly garnered a word-of-mouth reputation as one of the Hunter's finest songwriters and performers.

Johnston City

Dan Johnston is the articulate backbone to this long term project of his own music creation. Johnston City, a city which features a wealth of vocalists and musicians, accentuating the ear worms that evolve from what is usually a brief moment alone with his guitar.

As the elder brother of Magpie and a powerful force in the early evolution of the Dashville legacy, Dan learnt to play guitar after finding an old nylon in the roof of the house as a young impressionable 13 year old. That was around about the same time Nirvana exploded into the world. How fortunate his fate.

Johnston City (also previously known as Baghead) have released a number of singles over the years, most you can view via their Facebook page.