In 2019 we tick off yet another bucket list band. Evergreen folk weavers Augie March will make their debut in the Dashville arena this April.

The band, led by the unmistakable aching vocals of singer-songwriter Glenn Richards, returned to the live arena in 2018 off the back of their first record in four years, Bootikins. The album is inspired by the nickname given to the great Caligula, with Richards exploring the more unseemly elements of his personality: "I found that I was writing a lot of songs with a narrative voice that belonged to the more corrupt, venal, ambitious and callous incarnations of my character. Deliberately I was mining the misanthropic and the resigned, the 'worn out man' in me next to the ambitious, energetic grafter in me."

With an impressive songbook that includes timeless classics like 'Asleep in Perfection', 'There Is No Such Place' and, of course, the Triple J Hottest 100 winning track 'One Crowded Hour', you can be sure their Gum Ball visit will be a singalong to remember.