CJ Stranger is rapidly carving out a distinctive place in the Australian music landscape with his unique blend of alt-country and indie rock. His 2020 album ‘Hey Stranger’ received critical acclaim and cemented CJ’s spot as one of Australia’s strongest emerging songwriters. This alter-ego of Blue Mountains guitarist Cameron Henderson demonstrates an unexpected command over lyricism, exploring stream-of-consciousness imagery in songs like ‘Strange One’ contrasted with deep narrative maturity in folk ballad ‘Fool’s Gold’. All delivered with an understated expressive voice backed by expertly crafted arrangements. His music has inevitably led to comparisons with Wilco, Kurt Vile, Paul Kelly and The Church.

The galloping single ‘Outlaw’ received widespread airplay across the country including Triple J and Double J with Nkechi Anele (Roots n’ All) describing Outlaw as “That awesome chilled out friend that you can also talk to and sort the worried of the world out with over a tea—twisted between the whimsical elements of pure serenity and light there are glimpses of anguish that give this tune depth and maturity in a way that I respect deeply.”

CJ’s unrelenting creative output has continued in 2021 with two new singles ‘Hey Stranger (the song)’ and evocative finger-picker: ‘In Your Life’ as well as a string of rockin’ live shows with his impressive four-piece  band. He’s no stranger to the stage with his experience as a sideman in various notable Australian acts which leads to an engaging show: one moment drawing you in with a curious, questioning lyric and then the next rocking out harder then most with a wall of fuzz guitar. CJ continues to showcase newly penned songs at shows and promises more releases to come in 2021.

“One of the surprise releases of the year that sounded fully-formed with some laidback, effortless songwriting and playing. Catchy as hell!” - Post to Wire

“...it’s Australiana at it’s finest.... Henderson’s vocal, or at the very least the delivery, is reminiscent of several artists. But, equally different and individual enough, for me not to be able to quite put my finger on which ones....” - AU Review

“I’m a big fan of CJ Stranger’s album ‘Hey Stranger’” - Stuart Coupe