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We asked some of the amazing artists of Dashville Skyline 2018 to tell us which song they wish they could call their own

Ben Leece Americana Australian Hunter Valley Skyline Dashville


By Judee Sill

Asylum Records

"‘I’m looking so hard for a place to land I almost forgot how to fly.’ I wish I’d written 'Lopin' Along Thru The Cosmos' for this line alone. Judee Sill’s song, for mine, is as close as anyone will ever get to achieving perfect craft. The lyrics are obscure enough to keep you wondering, yet the song remains completely familiar and relatable. It is a song that will always command the attention of this bloke’s ears and is one that has been, on more than several occasions, set on repeat while I try and obtain just the smallest piece of its alchemy for my own writing. On a side note, 'Jesus Was A Cross Maker', which appears on the same record, could just be the blueprint for every song Ben Folds has ever written." - Ben Leece

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Tori Forsyth Dashville Skyline Hunter Valley dark


By Caroline Spence

Spades and Roses
Tone Tree Music

"There’s so many songs you kind of fall for but rather than going for an obvious choice, I’ve chosen a song from a record called Spades and Roses by Caroline Spence. This entire record is incredibly well written but this song in particular stood out to me. I love the way it tells you the story line without feeding it to you. It uses strong imagery without leaving you guessing if it’s about anything at all. The words could very well be my own but the way they are pieced together are delicate and lovely. ‘All The Beds I’ve Made’ is a beautiful song." - Tori Forsyth

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By Wilco


"I don't really ever wish I'd written someone else's song - but I do feel like some writers are able to articulate my own feelings so specifically that it's like they read my mind. Jeff Tweedy does that to me all the time, and the opening track (called 'Normal American Kids') of the most recent album is a case in point. One of the things we're always trying to do as songwriters is relate to people, but he's brave enough to relate to those of us who find it hard to relate." - Lachlan Bryan

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Ralway Bell tour dates Dashville Skyline 2018 line-up


Ben Wilson, singer of Ralway Bell wishes he'd written...

By Gillian Welch

Time (The Revelator)

"Usually at some point in a songwriter’s career they are compelled to write a song that conveys a message, or makes commentary on a topic they feel strongly about. This can, and frequently does, go horribly wrong. Whether it’s the emotion clouding their judgement, or the sense of urgency to make their comment now, all too often it’s delivered as subtly as a cover drive to the face... a delivery I don’t much enjoy. Welch is a master of understatement. I’d probably heard this song ten times before the penny dropped (pun intended) as to the subject matter, I must have been lost in Gillian’s voice, or Dave’s pickin’, or the fact that the recording sounds like they’re playing at the end of your dinner table over a fine glass of whiskey. It’s a special art to be able to convey your message by planting a seed and allowing the listener to cultivate the conclusion themselves. There is a risk that they’ll not get there, but if they do it’ll be so much more effective." - Ben Wilson, Ralway Bell

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Grace Turner Dashville Skyline 2018 tickets line-up


By PJ Harvey

Rid Of Me

"Put simply I wish I wrote ‘Rid Of Me’ so I can have this rocking number in my setlist and the chance to sing the line 'lick my legs I’m on fire, lick my legs of desire'. PJ Harvey was a spectacle in the early '90s as a young woman writing openly about her sexuality. I have always had an attraction to write about the things that make me and (potentially) my audience uncomfortable and this has drawn me to Harvey. Her songs are tender, yet have frightening power. The recordings are raw and spacious. She leaves room musically and lyrically for the listener to have their own experience and not be told what to hear or think. I hail Harvey and her extensive body of work, career and strength as an artist." - Grace Turner

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Dashville Skyline Leader Cheetah San Sebastian Crannitch 2018


Dan Crannitch of The San Sebastian wishes he'd written...

By Drive-By Truckers

Brighter Than Creation's Dark
New West

"I would have loved to have written ‘The Righteous Path’ by Drive-By Truckers. What an anthem. Lyrically it’s a wordy meditation on the daily struggles of a man trying to keep his head above water in increasingly trying circumstances... emotionally, spiritually, financially... but when married with those chugging verse chords and the unhinged, mountainous and melodic riffage of the chorus, it makes for a storm of melodic noise that manages to both uplift the spirit while still tugging on those melancholic heartstrings. This is one for your next road trip... prepare to hit repeat!" - Dan Crannitch

LISTEN HERE: https://bit.ly/2wnpKfO

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Davey Craddock


By Bruce Springsteen

Born to Run

"‘Cinematic’ is a term listeners and songwriters love to throw around when discussing songwriting. It’s shorthand for a song so richly packed with detail - smells, costumes, sounds, buildings, textures - that it completely comes to life in the your mind’s eye. Thunder Road is that song for me.

It starts like a Hollywood romance - a ‘wide shot’ of a front porch, a ‘close up' of a slamming screen door, a girl dancing on the porch and Roy Orbison on the radio. Before we even get to meet the characters, Springsteen makes sure you know exactly where this story’s set. You feel like you’re in a ‘50s Coke ad.

We then get snippets of background information on each character just abstract enough for us to join our own dots. The girl’s scared and the the guy’s full of the kind of adolescent bullshit bravado you can only get from owning a souped-up car in a dead-end town. I grew up in Bunbury. Home of the boglap. I get it.

Even after the most unromantic line of all time - ‘you’re not a beauty but hey you’re alright’, we’re charmed by a goose pimple-inducing pitch as to why the highway is this couple’s only ticket to freedom. If I wasn’t such a sensible, boring, middle-class bag of woosiness I’d get 'these two lanes will take us anywhere' tattooed somewhere on myself. Maybe my forehead to forfeit all further desk jobs.

The drums and bass sound like a revving muscle car. The glockenspiel leads the song into the sunset like a triumphant College marching band. It’s perfect. I wish I’d bloody written it." - Davey Craddock

LISTEN HERE: https://bit.ly/2NGOSpn

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James Ellis Jealous Guys Dashville Skyline 2018


James Ellis of James Ellis and the Jealous Guys wishes he wrote...

By David Rawlings and Gillian Welch


"They’re master songwriters. They’ve got melodic hooks, stories and storytelling talent that can make the banal seem original and exciting. I love the down-and-out nostalgia in the lyrics and the alliteration in 'wasted' and 'wayside' and 'back' and 'baby'. I also love the post-chorus bridge section which starts on the third chord and resolved up to the four chord, then back to one and down to the sixth. It creates a really exciting musical tension and release. We’ve been playing this song in our band pretty much since we started playing gigs together and if I forget to announce it as a Gillian Welch song, I’m often congratulated on having written such a great tune. If only!" - James Ellis

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The Settlement Hunter Valley Dashville Skyline tour dates


Calvano of The Settlement wishes he wrote...

By The War On Drugs


"Been smashing The War On Drugs' latest album for a while now. The song that has stuck out for the whole band would be ‘Holding On’. Why? For starters it’s hook city! The track moves from hook to hook providing a calmness over a constant drive. The track also delivers hints of Springsteen, Dylan and Dire Straits, all artists we dig. Even though there would be a huge list of songs we wished we penned at the moment this would be the track!" - Calvano

LISTEN HERE: https://bit.ly/2sjRp0K

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