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An idea has been evolving here in HQ for sometime. It's a big idea, with a simple concept, and one that involves all our closest musical buddies.

'Dashville on The Road' is a travelling troop of Dashville's finest compadres, coming together for a series of special showcase concerts in various locations around Australia.

It's a slow burner idea though, one that we hope to grow and continue hosting into the future. An exciting way to drag a bit of Dashville magic into the weird and wonderful confines of our sparse nation; into cities, rural outcrops, places of worship, places that pour beer... Who knows, dream big and we might even make it across oceans one day.

The first series of shows kicked off in July 2017, successfully paving the way for our next round of Dashville On The Road in January 2018.

Dashville On The Road #2

Friday 26th January

Dag Sheep Station, Nundle - kick off 5pm

TIX $40 inc buffet dinner, accommodation available

visit Dag Station for tickets.

Saturday 27th January

Federal Hotel, Bellingen - kick off 6 pm

Sunday 28th January

Black Duck Brewery, Port Macquarie - kick off 3pm


Each show is designed to be a little different to the next, with an array of performers, in varying styles, all coming together in a special 4hr showcase bonanza.

There'll be a little bit of curation and a whole bunch of creation, there'll be some slow jams...and fast jams; sing alongs and solo feats of brilliance.

So don't wait for an artist announcement on this one, get your travel plans in place and come catch us on the road.

*Acts for the first round of Dashville On The Road were James Thomson, Baghead, Melody Pool, Magpie Diaries, Dave Wells, Deanna Rose, Jason Walker, Lyle Dennis. 




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