Dashville is providing a much needed three day musical escape.

As restrictions continue to ease around the country, the Hunter Valley’s shadiest outdoor music venue Dashville, is gearing up to host a New Years escape to shake off the vibes of an incredibly challenging year, they’re calling it 'A Fresh Start.’

A Fresh Start will be a three night concert series held in the lush confines of Dashville, running across 31st December 2020, 1st January and 2nd January 2021.

Camping is included in the ticket to attend each concert.

For those staying onsite there will be a range of COVID safe daytime activities, such as creative and cultural workshops, kids art and crafts and a rather interesting installation, known as the Splashville Waterpark.

All of these inclusions require a seperate registration along with a valid ticket for 'A Fresh Start'.

So if you're heading along this New Years, please read on below and sign up for anything that you're interested in!

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Dashville has some great creative arts workshops available for all people attending the New Years event. All of these activities require prior registration and will be happening through the days of January 1st and 2nd within the Dashville arena.

To register below for any of these daytime activities and workshops. There is a small charge to cover the cost of materials. Please only register if you are attending so no one misses out. Limited spaces are available.

Whilst most workshops are child friendly, please keep an eye on your kids as the artist will be focused on teaching the group. Workshops are not a child-minding service.

Upcycled Jewellery Making Kid Friendly

Let’s awaken our imaginations with this fun up cycled jewellery workshop. Guided by an experienced artist and teacher, Nina Katzmarksi, you will learn how to make paper beads, paper tassels and brooches out of cardboard, leather, tassels and pom poms. A lot of fun and a unique piece of wearable art is guaranteed.

Skill level required - Beginner. Suitable for ages 4+. Younger children will need some assistance by a parent or guardian.

Cost - $5 for materials per person

Time - 12.30pm - 2pm, January 1st

Location - Kid's sand pit

Natural Fabric Painting Workshop

Experienced artists and teacher Nina Katzmarksi guides students through the process of painting beautiful pieces onto natural fabric, creating a piece of textile art for you to take home with you. The fabric is hung on a purpose-built frame either for groups to collaborate or individuals to explore. Limited places.

Skill level required - Beginner through to intermediate. Suitable for ages 10+. Group activity.

Cost - $5 per person to cover material costs

Time - 10am - 12pm, January 1st and 2nd

Location - Meet at kid's sand pit

Hampelmann Workshop (movable paper puppet) Kid Friendly

Join us for this fun and playful workshop, learn a bit about paper engineering and create  your very own paper puppet. Guided by experienced artist and teacher, Nina Katzmarksi, you will learn how to make a traditional German toy, the Hampelmann. These playful toys, made from paper, card and string are full of surprise as their character comes to life with the simple pull and release of string.

Skill level required -This workshop is suitable for children 6+. Younger children will need some assistance by their carers.

Cost - $5 per person to cover material costs

Schedule - 12.30pm - 2pm, January 2nd

Sacred Geometry

Martha Moderitz is a freelance artist and educator who explores ideas of spiritual expression and storytelling through her illustrations and paintings. Martha’s workshop will help inspire practical and philosophical aspects of geometry to create compositions that combine both structure and freedom in stylised drawing. This workshop will introduce sacred geometry and several drawing techniques and participants will work on creating their own original composition. Inspiration will be drawn from real life objects from nature as well as participants' own experience and imagination.

Skill level required - All levels with any experience.

Cost - $5 per person to cover material costs

Schedule - 11.30pm - 1.30pm, January 1st and 2nd

Location - meet at Swoop Inn

Training the Imagination (drawing/visual arts)

This workshop led by local artist Jeremy Dwyer endeavours to remove the inhibitions of creative drawing and colour. To bring the fun back to art, whilst learning some simple techniques to help get the creative juices flowing.

Jeremy will help you explore our collective imaginations, working both individually and collaboratively to promote the flow of creativity and imagination using a range of simple and effective technics to pull the freedom from within

“The first rule to Art Club is there are no rules”

Skill level required

This workshop is designed for those intimidated by the coloured pencil, beginners to intermediate.

Cost - $5 per person to cover material costs

Time - 2pm - 4pm, January 1st and 2nd

Location - meet at Swoop Inn

Stamp Carving Workshop

Trainer: Indeah Clarke

Website: @skuxazdesigns

 This stamp carving and printing class covers all the basics in block print making. Day one is spent learning about stamp carving, how the medium works and designing a line drawing for the block. Day two is spent carving and learning different printing methods.  When blocks have designs transferred to them, the class will watch a few demonstrations on how to safely carve a block. The blocks used have two sides so students leave with two designs.

Skill level required - The class uses sharp carving tools, suitable for ages 12 +. This workshop is in 2 parts, run over two days.

Cost - $15 per person to cover material costs

Time - 10am - 12pm January 1st and 2nd (2 part workshop)

Location - meet at Swoop Inn

Box City Workshop (child friendly)

After wonderful success at Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG), Helen Hopcroft is taking artists of all ages on a journey to build and play with a cardboard box city at Dashville. The sculpture is interactive with kids and families invited to construct, paint and play with their mini town.

Skill level required - All ages welcome, especially young kids.

Cost - free

Time - 10am - 2pm January 1st and 2pm - 4pm January 2nd

Location - meet at Swoop Inn

Indigenous  Education

Brian Freeman is a Wiradjuri man born in Griffith NSW. Brian grew up on Bungle mission as a child. Brian has 5 children who he has passed his cultural knowledge down to over the years. While working with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, Brian shares his cultural background with those who are keen to learn the history and culture of this great land.

Brian's son Anthony will host two Didgeridoo workshops, with a chat on bush tucker and Indigenous artefacts. He is also offering kid friendly Boomerang & Sand Painting lessons. This learning opportunity offers participants insight and a deeper appreciation of our First Nation culture.

Skill level required -  Suitable for all ages.

Time - Sandpainting/ Boomerangs 10am-12pm 1st and 2nd January

Didgeridoo 2pm-5pm, meet at Swoop Inn, 1st and 2nd January

Barry's Bee Class

Barry is too busy working on his bees to be sending any images of himself in a bee suit.

None the less, this will be an interesting hour or so, talking about the amazing world of the bee. Dashville is proud to be helping bees make colonies and the by-product is beautiful sweet honey, the gardens are blooming and its all because of Barry's beekeeping skills.

Join him for his first ever 'official' lesson, 12pm 2nd January

Magic Tree Workshop

Trainer: Helen Hopcroft

Instagram: @myyearasafairytale

In this workshop Helen assists students to create large soft sculptures out of canvas to decorate one of Dashville’s gums transforming it into a Magic Tree. On day one of the workshop students design and paint whimsical soft sculptures of magical creatures. Day two sees the group finish up decorating the sculptures before finding a suitable tree to adorn.

Skill level required -  Suitable for ages 12+, younger children are welcome with the supervision of a parent or guardian. This is a 2 part workshop over 2 days.

Schedule - 2pm - 4pm January 1st and 10am - 12pm January 2nd (2 part workshop)

Location - meet at Swoop Inn

Songwriting Workshop

In this lighthearted songwriting workshop you will get the opportunity to work with professional musicians and through the use of some simple techniques, create some level of songwriting output.

Skill level required -  Suitable for both beginners or professional songwriters. All persons will need to be over 18, or under direct supervision as workshop is in the licensed bar area.

Schedule - 12pm - 2pm January 1st

Location - meet at Bird Bath

Pickin' & Slide Guitar Workshop

Come learn some fundamental fingerpicking patterns for folk, country and blues music as well as some alternate guitar tunings from solo artist and session guitarist Cameron Henderson (CJ Stranger).

Session will also include some basic slide guitar techniques for those looking to check that out. Please BYO guitars and slides!

We'll have a few chairs handy.

Skill level required -  Amateur/Intermediate guitarists of all ages.

Time - 2pm, 1st January,

Location - meet at Porch Stage (near the old ute)

Vocal Workshop w/ Melody Pool

Come learn some fundamental singing and vocal techniques, with the amazing Melody Pool.

At the conclusion of the workshop will be a songwriter open mic, so it could be a great way to warm up!

We'll have a few chairs handy. You'll need to bring your own vocal chords though..

Skill level required -  Amateur/Intermediate  of all ages.

Time - 10.30am, 2nd January,

Location - meet at Porch Stage (near the old ute)

Dashville People's Choir w/ Gleny Rae

Come and be part of the Dashville Peoples Choir, led by the fiery leader of Huntress, Gleny Rae. She's got something special in order...

Find your voice and set it free amidst the communal song. All levels welcome, bring water, an open mind, a rock towel and vocal chords!

Skill level required -  Amateur/Intermediate  of all ages.

Time - 1.30pm, 2nd January,

Location - meet at Porch Stage (near the old ute)

Here are some current key points of info:

  • You can purchase single day tickets or grab a 3 day bundle ticket. All tickets include the option to camp onsite.
  • It's incredibly family friendly, kids love it, they can bring push bikes, balls and games with plenty of space to run around in the campground. Just make sure they're supervised at all times by an adult.
  • You're free to come and go during the days, but please sign in again for COVID tracking when you re-enter the gates.
  • Credit holders from our cancelled events in 2020 can use their dollarydoos for this gig. Don't know your credit code? Email us at mail@dashville.com.au and we'll sort it as soon as we can.
  • BYO alcohol is permitted in the campground only, the arena is licensed so there is no BYO inside the concert gates.
  • This is an all age event, under 18's must be accompanied by an adult (25+) at all times whilst in the arena.
  • Dogs are not permitted.
  • Campground open from 12pm Friday 31st of December.
  • Live Music generally kicks off around 6pm each night.
  • Bird Bath Bar Open from 3pm until 11.30pm each day, except New Years Day where we're open to 1am.
  • The Swoop Inn will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Food and beverage items are not included in your ticket but you can order and  pay on arrival.

For media enquiries contact Jo Corbett jocorbettpublicity@gmail.com

02 49715037 / 0417051102