Endless Boogie is hitting up the stage at Gum Ball 2022 and we cannot wait to see them rocking out.

Described as a repetition that is built into the blues. A good riff that turns into something altogether hazier, more hypnotic and spiritual when reiterated end on end.  Endless Boogie, the blues-drone lifers from Brooklyn, have known this from the beginning. Their grooves aren’t endless, but they’re often long and unchanging, forcing you to look into the riff until it looks back at you. The boogie is to keep you active and alive on the swell and surf of the music.

The core band—Paul Major and Jesse Eklow on guitars, Marc Razo on bass and Henry Druzd on drums—is augmented primarily by more guitar players: Matt Sweeney, Mike Bones and, on one track, Kurt Vile. Always expansive, both live and on record, the band stretches out dramatically on this album, delivering a double LP with two side-long epics and a smattering of (slightly) more concise tracks.

With rocking energy and vibes we cannot wait to see these guys playing the Gum Ball stage this year.