The Gum Ball 2021 welcomes Even, the three-piece indie pop rock band fronted by singer-songwriter-guitarist, Ashley Naylor with Matthew Cotter on drums and Wally Kempton on bass guitar and backing vocals.

They formed in March 1994 and played regularly around the live music scene and toured both nationally and internationally many times.

They have released seven studio albums, Less Is More (10 June 1996), Come Again (28 September 1998), A Different High (14 May 2001), Free Kicks (6 June 2004), Even (29 March 2008), In Another Time (9 December 2011), and Satin Returns (16 May 2018).

Get prepped for The Gum Ball 2021 by listening/ watch to their new EP below, or head to their website for their whole library over at