Coming Up At Dashville

The Gum Ball

The Gum Ball is ramping up for its 13th year in 2018. The biggest and oldest of all the events, it has consecutively sold out for the last 3 years in a row. Be quick to grab tickets to this wondrous musical weekend escape before it returns 27/28/29 April 2018.

Dashville on The Road

Every now and then, amongst the life and high times, a bunch of Dashville's finest manage to jump in Gus the tour bus and head out on the road for a series of shows in other areas. The next one is happening SOMETIME SOON!

Other Events At Dashville

PigSty In July

This one here is the fast burner... The more sinister fiery sister to The Gum Ball... A mid winter blast to break the ice-shackles... A one day Op Shop Bop... Taking a break in 2017, you can expect to see its return in July of 2018.

Dashville Skyline

Dashville Skyline is a weekend long celebration of Americana, psychedelia and alternative country music.


Embracing the sharper edge of our existence comes a slightly heavier one day musical jaunt. After an amazing introduction in 2017, Thrashville returned bigger and better in 2018. Please prepare for its 3rd strike, sometime in 2019.