While our musical line-ups are of vast importance, we work doubly hard to ensure that our Gum Ballers have a great weekend on the tooth. Because you can't dance, sing and knock the top off a few cheeky frothies if you don't have the right fuel in ya guts. That's why we guarantee that if you come to Gum Ball, you'll go alright on the chomp.

Here's the line-up of food trucks heading to Gum Ball 2018, the daddy bear of Dashville's festival calendar.


Since first visiting Dashville with their truly succulent and modern take on Taiwanese street food, Bao Brothers have become an institution in the Hunter Valley. Their menu tends to include braised pork, southern fried chicken and miso mushroom (vegan) baos, which are a fluffy folded pillow of pure ecstasy. They also do extraordinary loaded fries and mushroom spring rolls. Get amongst.

Vegan option

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Southern Smoke is the new venture from culinary guru Toby Rose, who has dropped into Dashville a number of times with his Gourmet BBQ food van. He delivered top-shelf burgers at The Gum Ball 2017 and Thrashville 2018 (you might have even tried his chow at this year's Bitter and Twisted festival). Gourmet BBQ also visited Dashville Skyline 2017 to make some seriously sexy hot dogs.

Southern Smoke will be serving up 12-hour slow-cooked pulled pork burgers, Southern fried chicken and slaw burgers, American-style cheeseburger (with bacon) and a roast vegetable stack burger. If that's not enough, try their loaded fries and smoked pork ribs.

Vegan option - ask about the Vegie Stack.


MEET has fast become one of the Hunter Valley's most sought after culinary destinations, where their all-you-can-eat bounty of slow-cooked, mouth-watering morsels continues to bring herds of meat lovers. Next time you're on Newcastle's Honeysuckle strip, give them a look.

Offsite the MEET crew drop into Dashville with their roaming kitchen and impressive smoker trailer. They've been to our festivals over the years and continue to receive two thumbs up from the Dashy faithful.

For Gum Ball, MEET will be serving their 12-hour smoked beef brisket, 10-hour smoked pulled pork and their chicken thigh in lemon mustard over the fire. Each is served with chips and coleslaw. Aye carumba.

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Attention all vegetarians and vegans!
Agapé Organic Food Truck will have you covered at this year's Gum Ball. One of the sought after trucks of the Sydney scene,
Agapé has an impressive range of tasty morsels, from salads, to rice and chile bowls, loaded fries and Mexican-inspired meals like nachos and tacos. All delicious and organic.


Natural Pancake Co web


Korean BBQ made a popular debut at The Gum Ball in 2017, and as such will return to Dashville with their succulent menu.

Bringing our festival a dash of Asian flair, Korean BBQ serve up bulgogi (Korean grilled beef) with cheese and aioli on a brioche roll with a dumpling, plus bulgogi salad, Korean dumplings, chicken salad with chilli or aioli sauce, delicious chicken skewers, and their famous "lightbulb lemonade", which is a refreshing lemonade served in a reusable plastic drinking vessel.

And ask about their peach ice tea!

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Fruit Scoop were a hit at Gum Ball 2017 and we can't wait to tuck into their delicious specialty - a pure fruit sorbet that is 100% dairy and sugar free and tastes better than ice cream. It'll knock your socks off.

Their fruit scoop delicacy comes in a variety of flavours, so when you need a healthy and refreshing palate cleanser during your weekend of Gum Balling, make sure you stop by their stall and treat yourself!




Gum Ball regulars, Natural Pancake's sweet treats are loved by Dashville punters. Nothing tops off your evening like a plate of sugar-dusted mini-pancakes - bit of cream doesn't hurt either.

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The Swoop Inn is Dashville's resident cafe and dining area. Pop in during The Gum Ball for a full menu of options, including coffee, milkshakes, salads, sweets and snacks. If you're camping, this will be your go-to place on the Sunday morning for a dynamite breakfast.


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