The Gum Ball returns on the 16th, 17th & 18th April, 2021

We can't wait to see you at The Gum Ball 2021!

Please take a moment to read the important ticketing info below, then get to best bit - securing a ticket!

We're also thrilled to announce the inclusion of the inaugural Young Gums Youth Mentor Project to this years festival. Head to the link above to find out more!



Tickets for The Gum Ball 2020 have been place into personalised credit codes.

To enter The Gum Ball 2021 you need to purchase a new ticket with your code to transfer your 2020 ticket. Please do not purchase another person's 2020 ticket or use your own 2020 ticket as it will not get you in at the date.

Email us at with any questions.

Reduced capacity:

The festival generally reaches capacity in non-COVID times well before the event, so just a friendly suggestion, it's best not to delay jumping on board if you wish for your family to be part of this magical weekend as the capacity is lowered!

Refund/ credit policy

All ticket purchases are non-refundable and will turn into credit if government restrictions will not allow events to go ahead. This means that if anything changes, your investment will remain intact for another Dashville event in the future.

Essentially whether you have tickets or want tickets to The Gum Ball or Skyline, you can rest easy knowing you've invested in future Dashville memories. Something we'll be forever grateful for.

We do not offer refunds or credit for change of mind.

Performer applications open now for The Gum Ball 2021.

"I have to say, it was one of the most fun, if not THE most fun Coral Snakes gigs we’ve done. The crowd were ace and talk about ready to rock, they were dancing before we started!" - Claire Moore (Dave Graney  & The Coral Snakes)

"Superb festival, brilliant festival." - Turin Brakes (UK)

 "Definitely a stand out vibe in my books." - Dave McCormack (Custard)

"I took a deep breath and closed my eyes trying to imprint the moment in my mind so that I would never forget it.” - Lindi Ortega (US)

"We've toured the world extensively and the feeling from all members was that Gum Ball is one of the finest festivals, from both the artists and as fans point of view, that we have been involved in." - The Creepshow (US)

"Thanks for having us - what an amazing festival!" - Screamfeeder

"I really loved being out under the stars, hanging around bon fires re-connecting with my peers again and everyone was just so relaxed." - Ngaiire

'The Gum Ball is where it all stems from. If mum and dad never said yes to letting us host a festival in the front yard back in 2004 ... Who knows what we'd be doing now?' Magpie (Festival Curator)

Check out some videos from previous years!

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