Welcome to the 12th chapter of this wonderful festival.

The Gum Ball is where it all started for us here at Dashville. If mum and dad never said yes to letting us host a festival in the front yard back in 2004... who knows what we'd be doing now.
The festival is located in secluded bush at Belford, in the middle of the Hunter Valley. It kicks off on a Friday afternoon and rolls all the way through to Sunday. Unchanged from previous years, it's still camping, BYO, very family friendly, one artist at a time on the main stage, plenty of things to see and do. Plenty of things to not have to do too.
We reckon it's one of those pristine kind of times where you can escape to the country, connect with like-minded people, great music and essential art. Soak up a bit of fresh air, kick back, relax and re-jig.
Excitingly, the full line-up for 2017  has just landed. You can view it via the line-up page above. We're pretty stoked about it all, hopefully you are too!
Keeping in mind, last year sold out in record time, if you're looking to be part of the action, be sure to jump on board sooner than later.

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