We're back to deliver a COVIDSafe Gum Ball for 2022! Here is a page for any event specific info that you may need. We love a chat, but please give this a ready before you email us or give us a call - we're only a small team.

REDUCED CAPACITY NOTE: We're unsure of event capacities at this time, but fingers crossed we'll be back to pre-COVID capacity. The festival generally reaches capacity in non-COVID times well before the event, so just a friendly suggestion, it's best not to delay jumping on board if you wish for your family to be part of this magical weekend as the capacity is lowered.

CREDIT HOLDERS: Ticket holders to The Gum Ball 2020 received a credit code as did patrons who requested one from Pig Sty in July 2021 and Dashville Skyline 2021, from Humanitix for any upcoming Dashville event. Please use this for Gum Ball 2022 if you so please.

This email was sent from Humanitix mid 2020, if you can't find your code (could have gone to your junk/ spam) please email us at

See the FAQ's info below for 2022.

Now load up the caravan, pack the swags, pick out your Op Shop Bop outfits and get ready for the triumphant return of The Gum Ball 22-24 2022.

For throw back info from the 2020 cancelled event, scroll to the bottom of this page for an additional FAQ's section.

FAQ for next year's Gum Ball

We're not entirely sure what the COVID situation will look like by April of next year (vaccine passports etc.). As soon as we know we'll update everyone on socials and add in some info for FAQ.

  • Who's Playing? - We'll release the program as soon as it's ready - likely early 2022.
  • Children's Activities? The festival hosts a range of exciting workshops, performances and play facilities over the weekend. There is a dedicated kids play zone next to the skate park - we hope to improve kid's experiences at The Gum Ball year on year! We pride the festival on being very family orientated, but please note you still need to supervise your young ones.
  • Workshop Program - The Gum Ball embraces as much art and extracurricular activities as possible. In 2021 we are excited to unleash even more fun. We have some workshops that will require a pre-book to save a space, and a small fee to cover the cost of equipment. If you feel you have something to offer and would like to get involved with our visual arts program, it's never too late until its over, send your enquiry through to
  • Stallholders - For all stallholder, performing artist, sponsorship, or volunteer enquiries, please visit the contact us page.
  • Tickets are available (when published) through Dashville's online store. The Gum Ball has reached capacity every year since 2012, so probably best not to fluff around too much.
  • BYO Food and Beverages - Despite the fact we have a super awesome bar full of great booze and lots of tasty food stalls, at this festival you can bring your own food and drinks. Though please know and respect our biggest rule, GLASS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Please do not bring any form of glass into the festival. Basically this is the bush and broken glass does not breakdown, your one slip up can cause long term grief for not only children and animals, but perhaps even your own face.
  • BYO alcohol limit - 1 x carton of beer  OR 1 x decantered bottle of spirits/wine in a plastic bottle allowed into the campground per person. 6 x drinks allowed into the arena per person at a time.
  • Camping particulars - the campground is located directly outside and around the arena, so its a simple case of walking from your campsite through the gate and into the arena. At worst case this could be up to 200m if you're camped at the extremity of the campground. You are allowed to bring whatever camp set up that suits your group or person, though we ask that you consider not taking up too much space if it is not necessary. There are some restrictions on large caravans due to the amount of vegetation, please read the point below in regards to this. Vans over 20ft need to be registered, to ensure suitable space is available. If you have a large van, and would like to camp with non-large-van-pals we'll do our best to keep you together but can't guarantee this.
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FAQS regarding changes to The Gum Ball 2020

1. What is happening to The Gum Ball 2020?

As a result of the ban on public gatherings due to COVID-19, we have had to make the decision to hold off on the return of Gum Ball until 2021. We had originally intended on merging The Gum Ball with it's sister event Dashville Skyline to create a 5 day mega festival called The Sky Ball on the October Long Weekend 2020, however, due to continuing uncertainty with COVID-19 restrictions, The Sky Ball will not be able to take place as originally intended.

The next Gum Ball will now take place in its original format on 16th, 17th and 18th April, 2021.

2. What happens with my ticket now?

If you purchased tickets to The Gum Ball 2020, you would have received a personalised credit code from Humanitix.

You can use this code for any upcoming Dashville event such as Thrashville, Skyline, Dashville Nights or The Gum Ball 2021. This will mean you will need to purchase tickets again to Gum Ball 2021 if you wish to use your credit there.

If you already transferred your ticket to The Gum Ball 2021, you're sitting pretty and there's nothing further you need to do.

3. The new dates don’t work for me, what are my options, can I get a refund?

Initially back at the start of the COVID -19 restrictions we had suggested we could do refunds for The Gum Ball 2020 and we did quite a few, but unfortunately we exhausted our ability to provide any further refunds. It's a tricky situation that we're all in, but because we want to be here when its all blown over, we are now urging people to hold on to their ticket purchases as credit for whatever future Dashville event they desire.

If this doesn't suit, you're also welcome to transfer your ticket credit into another person's name if you wish to on-sell. Given we've all been starved of events for a while, we're confident The Gum Ball 2021 and other Dashville events will be highly sought after.

We're always open to discussion - please contact us on

4. Will Gum Ball 2021 be 5 days? 

No The Gum ball will return to its original format of 3 days, over the last weekend of the April school holidays in 2021.

5. Can I use partial credit on events? What if the tickets I want end up to be more than my available credit?

Yes, you can use your credit however you like, and your voucher amount will update as you spend. Likewise for any purchase shortfall you can apply additional funds.

6. How long do I have to make a decision on using my credit voucher? 

Credit codes don't have an expiry date, do you rest assured your original purchase can be used when you're ready.

7. Can I change the names on my ticket transfers?

Yes, you can change names any tickets, simply following Humanitix procedures here. Or email us if you have trouble -

8. The tickets I bought to Gum Ball 2020 were Early Bird tickets, can I still transfer to 2021 at the same price? 

Yes all Early bird ticket buyers, if you wish to spend your credit on Gum Ball 2021, we will ensure you can get Gum Ball 2021 tickets for the same price, via a special discount code. Please get in contact if you have not been given a code at the time tickets become available -

9. Can I use my credit for Merch or other Dashville presented events? 

Not at this stage. Your credit is embedded in the Humanitix system, it is not a transferable credit system.

10. Will The Gum Ball 2021  have the same program as 2020?

As much as we would love to be able to pick up everything we had in place for The Gum Ball 2020, and transfer it to the 2021 event, this is going to be a challenge. We're working through the change with all performers and suppliers and so far it's looking pretty similar but no doubt due to the amount of postponements and future planning that goes into a touring act, some will not be able to make it. Rest assured we will be securing equally brilliant replacements for those who can’t make it.

The Gum Ball 2021 will still feature Gummy staples like the silent disco, op shop bop and an eclectic mix of bands, plus a whole bunch of extra special features taking place around the site. We will be posting more information on the program a little further down the track - we appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through it.

11. Will it be BYO at The Gum Ball 2021?

Yes, BYO will return to The Gum Ball in 2021. Please note as in previous years, quanity restrictions apply to BYO alcohol in the campground, as well as alcohol brought into the arena. Dashville's bar, The Bird Bath will swing it's doors open once again for a range of quality tap beers, local wines, spirits and of course, cocktails, for something extra spesh.

12. I need some more info - how do I get this?

If you can’t find your answer in the section above or in the general Gum Ball event FAQ's below, feel free to shoot us an email at

Whilst your questions are warranted, please appreciate our world is in a bit of a spin too since this forced change in plans.. We're working through it though and it's coming together well, it just may take us a minute to get back to you here and there.

We’ll be posting more and more info as we collate. We are also endeavouring to respond to your questions, whether individually or through public announcements as soon as we have the answer.

Thanks for patience and understanding,

Team Dashville x

The Gum Ball

Following some pretty awesome weekends in front of capacity audiences in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, The Gum Ball music and arts festival will return for its 15th instalment from April 24 to April 26, 2020.

The three-day boutique camping festival tucked away at Dashville, a secluded property at Belford in the Hunter Valley NSW, is considered one of Australia’s greatest family friendly BYO, camping festivals.

It really is the perfect festival for those that may have given up on festivals, whether it be because you felt too old, society scared you or whether having kids makes it difficult. People have discovered this little gem as the answer to ease back into the game. Ask anyone that has been and they'll tell you just how achievable it really is.

The Gum Ball has a reputation for inviting some of the country’s most popular acts to perform alongside their pick of the best emerging performers from around Australia and overseas.

A bit of a "proving ground" you might say, where legends like Hoodoo Gurus, Polish Club, Magic Dirt, Tex PerkinsTumbleweed, Red Gum, Sampa the Great and Custard play alongside artists on their way up, like The Preatures, and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.

The Gum Ball mixes musical genres and styles, from rock and soul, through to hip-hop, country and in between, over two stages, side by side, to create a flowing festival feast of music and dance, where you don't have to do much else other than reach into the esky for another tin.

The festival has reached capacity the last three years in a row and is anticipated to sell out once again in 2020. The first line-up will appear in the coming month.

Along with its musical element, The Gum Ball also offers gourmet food and market stalls, kids crèche, yoga, skate demos, workshops, live art and a very popular late night silent disco.

Tickets include Friday arrival and Saturday arrival tickets for adults, youths, children and pensioners, available until sold out.

The 16 Year History

Some people will relate to the feeling. Waking up to an unsurpassable bolt of morning epiphany. An idea that appears from seemingly nowhere, so strong and achievable, no cons, its more a less a perfect realisation of your future direction. Sometimes it can be as simple as what you’re going to cook for breakfast or do next week, in this case it was slightly more involved. Read on below...