Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone for your continued support of Dashville through COVID-19.
We all know using credit codes is not an ideal situation, but in this situation, it allows us to keep the show on the road, so thanks for working with us.
Below is the short and curly on how to use the Customer Credit System. Please read this page first if you need assistance in using your credit for any Dashville event. There are some contacts at the bottom if you need further assistance.


Team Dashville

P.s. We published this article at the end of 2020, however update the publish date so it's accessible at the top of our newsfeed for easy access.

What's your Refund Policy?

She's pretty dry the old Refund Policy, but she's a good guide when things go a little awry... and they must have for you to end up reading this!

We have our updated refund policy on all of our ticketing pages since Feb 2021 (see screen grab below from PigSty in July 2021) so you are aware of how we roll when things go a little pear shaped. We've copied our policy below for reference:

No refunds and no return to credit (once you use your credit, you can't place it back into credit if you change your mind). Make sure you're ready to commit to purchase. Our events happen rain, hail or shine. If there is a pandemic or an Act of God, tickets will either be moved to a rescheduled date or moved into credit for another Dashville event. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 4.32.28 pm

When will credit be issues for a cancelled or rescheduled event?

We're likely in a little bit of a chaos if we've just cancelled or rescheduled an event - but you're at the tippy top of our list. Head to our Facebook page as that is the main spot for comms, and we will likely send an email update to all ticket holders as soon as we have loose ends tied up. We'll send codes in one bulk upload, so we'll give people a few weeks to decide if they'd like to either attend a rescheduled event or take credit.

I have my code, how do I use it?

Go to the ticketing page for the event you'd like to attend. Select your tickets, add in your details then head on over to payment. Go to your email from Humanitix and copy your personalised code (treat this like money, don't send it to anyone). In the gift card section at the top of the screen in the payment section, paste your code in and make sure it's the same as the Humanitix email. Click apply, and the amount will come off the total of your tickets. It goes without saying, but make sure you click purchase on your cart to wrap up your transaction. You'll get a nice happy tick screen at the end, and a confirmation email. If you're concerned you have not received a confirmation email, check with us at

I don't want credit, can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds, and trust us - we tried for the Gum Ball 2020. If we did we wouldn't be here today. We also did not want to keep your funds without any reimbursement. So we thought credit codes were the best bet - you get to come back to a future event with the same moneys and Dashville survives the pandemic. We appreciate everyone's understanding in the credit code roll out- we wouldn't be here today without our supportive music loving community. We'll forever be grateful.

I've used my credit, and can no longer go - can I get a re-issue of my credit?

No - please use your credit when you are ready/ comfortable to commit. We do not offer refunds, credit or 'return to credit' for change of mind. Wd do offer refunds though if we cancel by our own choice (e.g. outside pandemics or Acts of God). You can sell your ticket to a friend and we can do a name change.

What event can I use my credit for?

Any Dashville event (except Hunter Tent Stay) such as Skyline, Thrashville, The Gum Ball or Dashville Nights.

I want to purchase a Dashville ticket from someone I don't know, can I check that it's a legit ticket?

Yes - we can look up that person's name, order ID or email address. If the person is genuine, we can contact them to give authority to sell you the ticket, then do a name change in the Humanitix system so it is in your name. We'll leave you two to sort out the financials.

Have I received my credit code from Gum Ball 2020 already?

Yes - Everyone who purchased a ticket for The Gum Ball 2020 received an email in June of 2020, however it may have gone to your junk/spam which often empties every 30 days. Be sure to check the email you used to purchase the tickets. You will need to search under our ticketing provider Humanitix.

I can't find my credit code, how can I find it?

Gum Ball 2020: Due to high demand, we resent all customer codes again 3/3/20 (remember to check your spam/junk). Make sure you search Humanitix (original code was sent from these guys) or Dashville (we went an email in March 2021) in your inbox.

PigSty in July: We will send PigSty in July credits out prior to July 31.

I have left over credit, can I use the remaining amount on another order?

Yes - if you have a code that is more than the total of your cart then you can use the remaining amount later. Keep a note of how much you have left to use, alternately you can email us to check.

Does my code expire?

No it doesn't, so you can rest assured your investment is good for more Dashville memories very soon.

If I have questions not answered here - who do I contact?

Erin is our friendly in house ticket gal, ready to assist you with any questions or problems. She can look up your code, or work out (almost) any issue. If Erin can't fix it she'll get onto Humanitix on your behalf. Mail her at Please be kind as we're doing our best to get through this together.


And that's it!

Thank you for reading along.

Any questions please let us know.

See you at a Dashville event very soon...



Team Dashville xx



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