Sydney’s Inner West-based Kid Hank brings the vibrancy of the New Orleans French quarter to your local.

The joyful rendition of Nola street music gives its audience a reminder of a time gone by. Having played the style for years, the band understands the ins and outs of the music and how to best recreate it for a modern audience. Despite being a traditional-inspired group, watching Kid Hank play live isn't traditional at all.

Henry, alongside his father, have composed songs in ways that scream '20s and '30s but still have a modern twist. Roaring intertwining horns soar across the chugging railway-like rhythm section to bring you an old but familiar sound. Being most at home playing on their acoustic instruments, the band happily walks down the street or the aisles of any concert they play.

Kid Hank uses repertoire consisting of a mix between creole-clave based jazz, as well as a standard steamboat swing. If you’re lucky, an old rag-time tune might be thrown in to add a little spice to the swimming pool of musical gumbo. Whatever style it is, it’s guaranteed to surprise and get you dancing, and maybe even generate an occasional tear.