M.E. Baird (Matthew Ede Baird) is an acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter and visual artist - and this year he makes his Gum Ball debut.

M.E. Baird was born and raised in Frankston. In 1986, at 19, he fled his suburban malaise and moved to the iconic Melbourne bayside suburb of St Kilda. The rest is consigned to history.

Since then M.E. Baird has lived in many places, each a unique chapter in life and experience. He now calls the historic township of Bangalow in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales home.

M.E. Baird's songwriting is visually rich and possesses a novelistic quality where each song becomes a cinematic vignette full of drama, humility and emotion. His lyrical approach is part observational and part 'Romanticism,' while, sonically he revels in lush minimalism. His live performances have been described as nothing short of compelling, with his lamenting vocal style and singular stage presence.

Since beginning his musical career in Melbourne in the early '90s, M.E. Baird, under various musical monikers and under his own name [albeit just his initials], has released five albums and several EPs.

His most recent offering, TIME, has already received 4-star reviews and global recognition. Over his long career, M.E. Baird has toured nationally and internationally and has garnered critical acclaim and international recognition yet remains relatively unknown to Australian audiences.

M.E. Baird has also been fortunate to have shared the stage with the likes of Roland S Howard, Spencer P Jones, Ed Kuepper, Kim Salmon, Brian Hooper, Conway Savage, Ian Rilen, Tim Rogers,  Sarah Caroll, and Chris Wilson.

Don't miss what will be an absorbing Gum Ball performance.