You'll be hard pressed to find much on ol' Magpie.

Somewhat relentlessly busy building this Dashville thing, it could be easily forgotten that Magpie has been writing and performing songs for over 15 years.

Joined by his drummer and life partner Jessica, in 2015 they took a spell from all other things to concentrate on themselves a bit more. Driving a measly 16000k's across the United States from Seattle to Austin. Rather fortuitously on one fine day, they landed in acclaimed dude and producer Matt Sherrod's Nashville studio to lay but two songs down. Two songs which would form part of his first independent release ever under the Magpie moniker. The other songs coming from earlier live recordings from Erle Dennis's kitchen which were mix/mastered in Robbie Long's Funky Lizard Studio. The exciting new 7 track EP is now available on all good streaming site such as iTunes and Spotify as well as any live show or Dashville breakfast.

With Dashville the epicentre of his love affair with music and life, any chance to play on home soil is rarely left alone.

Come feel the passion, with an ever-evolving band of equally talented souls, Magpie perched up amongst his family trees, is always a special moment to see.