Nick Barker and his band the Reptiles may have sprung into the nation's consciousness in 1989 with their hit cover of Cockney Rebel's 'Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)', but it's the legacy of original rock and power pop that has kept him a live force on Australia's music scene.

Justin Garner and Nick Barker have been playing together on and off for 15 years – Nick producing Justin’s band Southpaw’s debut album and Justin playing on Nick’s last solo record (Black water Blues).

Four years ago they hunched over some acoustic guitars and hammered a bunch of ideas into songs that became The Heartache State’s debut self titled album. Justin loves the Allmans, Nick loves the Replacements, every one likes the Stones, so the band, with the addition of long time friend Venom on drums, is a collision of all.

Last year The Heartache State released their second album, Last of the Buffalo, and ventured deeper down the same road. And it captures the raw energy of their live shows - full-throttle, no-bullshit, big hooks, a hint of twang and a quintessentially Aussie rock sound.