A sandy stoked spaceship wizard has embarked on a journey to Planet Earth.  His excelled wisdom and musical taste has delivered him to the Gold Coast, Australia - home to Peach Fur.

Upon touch down he meets up with the 4 furry fellaz Denny Hilder, Liam Ward, Ben Crichton & Mikey Woodworth.  Naturally a new friendship is formed.  They walk up the stairs of one thousand dreams, over the ever changing groove cubes of light and find themselves amongst a sea of dancing dazzlers.  The show's about to begin...  What is this sorcery the Wizard wondered as the sonic waves moved his body and expanded his consciousness?

A spell concoction entered his mind; 1kg of rock 'n roll, 1 cup of funk, 2 tablespoons of blues and a sprinkle of reggae, stirred thoroughly in a litre of psychedelic juice and left to cure in a jazzy jar.  Badda Bing Badda Boom!  The sound of Peach Fur.