Just like when The E Street Band came to town, expect big fun things from the band now known affectionately as the DPS. Lots of smiles, lots of guitars, lots of singing along. You can’t have a gig out at Dashville without the DPS…

A collective of local and not so local musos (aspiring folk) who are in some form attached to the common thread that music and friends = life.
Three years ago the Dashville Progress Society was born through the need to work out which local band should play at Gum Ball. An easy solution, lets all join a band and do it cause really we all know we just love it. Soon after the first song was masterfully butchered in 2012, it was rather evident that the ideaof the Dashville Progress Society had developed far better than any young boys’ pipe dream could ever imagine. So much so that with each performance, the bar is raised and future challenges set. There is no real way of telling what songs this next chapter will include, what the performance will be like or who should play. The last was epic, this one could go anywhere.

As long as the Dashville Progress Society exists, so will Dashville.