PigSty In July 2016... is brewing.

'Somewhat more than your average dinner party' 


 Hi PigStyers!
We are so super pumped to be bringing PigSty back to the table in 2016. Well done for being part of something truly special.

So before tomorrows big winter blast, we just need to make sure you're up to date with how the event rolls and what you can and can't do. We wish it was as simple as rocking up in a sweet set of threads and rocking out til your pork's worn off. But alas we too are governed by a seemingly greater power, so please read these few important points. 

TICKETS  - Please note tickets will be available at the gate for any friends who may wish to join the party last minute.

If you're having trouble accessing your tickets, I do apologise for the inconvenience. Mobile tickets are sent close to the event so for some people this has applied some uncertainty. If you have purchased tickets and do not have a copy of your ticket, if you have your name, rough date of purchase, amount of tickets etc, we can look you up on file and sort it at the gate, no problem.

You can arrive as early as you like Saturday morning, but the gates to the campground won't open until 10.30am, and the arena and bar open at 11am. First band 11.30am

CAMPING - Overnight camping $15 per person. Payable at the gate on arrival. Bring what ever you want, but the tip would be to keep it simple as it is only one night!

ATM- We will have an ATM machine onsite, so no stress with cash flow, but please do bring some to pay for camping initially.

It is highly suggested if you have been drinking that you do not leave the premises. Breathalyser is available from security for self test.

STRICTLY NO BYO ALCOHOL PERMITTED INTO DASHVILLE. If you are camping, you are welcome to bring into the campground - food and water, but strictly no alcohol. No food or beverages are permitted into the arena at any time.
Please do not try to smuggle alcohol into the arena, not only is this a complete insult to what we're trying to create for our festival loving community, but its also against the law and can mean we lose our ability to operate if you are caught. Therefore offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

Can we have campfires in the campground? Camp fires are restricted to the designated areas which you will notice on arrival. Do not light any fires. Fires are to be lit, fed and monitored by Dashville staff. We've provided these campground fires because we know it'll be cold and we have kind considerate hearts. Please respect this provision.

BREAKFAST SUNDAY - We will have super breakfast available in the morning. Forage Espresso will be running coffee and the kitchen will be pumping out a few options including corn fritters and bacon and egg rolls in the morning. You are welcome to enter the arena from day break, take a hot shower, have breakfast, chill until you feel good to go etc before you depart on Sunday.

Also make sure you've got your ID as this is an 0ver 18 event and you'll need to pass security.

Yep its winter and a tad chilly but life goes on and we've got a whole bunch of fires, gas heaters and covered areas. You're welcome to bring a rug or chair if you aren't to worried about it rubbing up against your fabulous outfit.

Quick Info

  • Date: Saturday 2nd July 2016
  • Fully Licensed. Over 18 only (sorry kidlets!)
  • Strictly No BYO food or bev
  • Campground opens at 10.30am, arena at 11.00am, event close 10.30pm.
  • A whole bunch of bands & comedians, food & beverages.
  • Tickets are $48, via our store page. 
  • Camping onsite is available, it is a separate cost. $15 PER PERSON.
  • Other way to get to and from Pigsty is via Rover Coaches with their return bus shuttle service. Visit Rover Coaches page here
  • Pre-Order Hampers available, see link on homepage.

The PigSty run down....

Touted as the sinister sister event to the famed Gum Ball Music Festival, this onedayer is geared for adults to (leave the kidlets at home and) truly let their hair down.

A secluded laid back, light-hearted day out at Dashville, full of great people, awesome live music, warm tasty food and glorious booze.

If you've been to The Gum Ball, then you know what glorious fun PigSty In July is going to be. If you haven’t been to The Gum Ball, ouch, that must hurt, do yourself a favour and don’t miss out on this.

To provide a more thorough explanation… Take Dashville’s large spacious and secluded outdoor arena (located in the bush at Belford) Slip in a few marquees, two sexy stages, a dance floor suitably surrounded by some big fires and a whole bunch of trendy chillaxable seats and tables.

Crank up The Bird Bath Bar, with some of Australia's best local brewers serving some of the best drinks available to man and/or woman. Allow a select few hundred suitably dressed adults, around 10 really entertaining bands, a few comedians, wrap it up in a whole bunch of awesome warm winter food prepared by specially selected chefs and you have yourself the makings of a rather interesting outdoor dinner party.

Welcome to the new realm of outdoor dining… PigSty In July

Dress Code

PigSty is a ’2nd-hand-formal’ themed event. Try it on for size. If for no other reason, perhaps consider it a condition of sanity.

GENTS: There’s no expectations here, other then that we want to see smart, sophisticated men who take pride in a pre-loved suit.

LADIES: We want to see ladies who can rock a dress of any era or style. Its a chance to get one of those awesome dresses that you thought you’d never wear again. Perhaps a dress may have been too much for a previous function could be ripe for this one. For those who want to restock the wardrobe, perhaps a visit to one of your local second hand stores should be in order? Rest assured which ever option you choose, it’ll be perfect for Pigsty. Please bare in mind that high heels will be great for aerating the soil, but not so good to walk around in.

It goes without saying that it will also be winter so be sure to bring a jacket.


Food & Beverages

PigSty is all about food and beverage indulgence.

This is a fully licensed event and therefore you are not able to bring your own drinks. We have loads of them. 
A splendid array of awesome warm winter food will be available for purchase throughout the day, so you don't really need to bring any food either. 

FOOD - We take our PigSty in July tucker seriously. This event is about warm winter decadence, so we have put together a list of cuisine that will keep you full and happy throughout the day. 

PigSty in July 2016 is very glad to have Bao Brothers Eatery back at Dashville, who were a very popular addition to this year's Gum Ball food line-up. You simply need to try their mouth-watering modern take on traditional Taiwanese street food. For the carnivores, we have invited along one of Newcastle's beloved Brazilian barbecue lords, Meet. Expect some juicy cuts that will have you coming back for more. There will also be more slices from the one-and-only Rustic Pizza, plus Forage Espresso will give you your caffeine fix. 

The logos at the bottom of the page were the vendors that came to PigSty in July 2015. 

PRE-ORDER PICNIC HAMPERS - As there is strictly no food or beverage of any type permitted into this event, so you can still enjoy the snacky side of things, pre-ordered homemade picnic hampers have become a thing. Click here to check the menu and make an order. There'll also be a bit of a 'deli' happening as well so you can stock up on the day.

WINE - A tested selection of  local wines will be available -  we would love your input, so please head to our PigSty in July Facebook page and tell us what you want!

BEER - We love beer and assume you do to. That's why we've invited along some of the best craft beer brewers around. We'll have refreshing ales on tap from Murray's Craft Brewing Co., Capital Brewing Co., Batlow cider, Grainfed, Six Strings, Coopers, and Dashville's very own Trevor.

COCKTAILS - Then we have the deal sweetener, in the form of a select menu of lip-syncable cocktails. You just can't go wrong here.

So yes indeed, last year was a lot of fun, and this year is going to be better again. So don’t delay, grab your friends, break through the winter flats and come along to PigSty in July!

Start & Finish times

PigSty In July will begin at 11am, Saturday 2nd July 2016.

People are welcome to arrive into the campground from 10.30am. There will be 11 hours of solid pleasure self served or spoon fed, before the live music concludes and the bar closes at 10pm.

People will be asked politely to clear out from 10pm & buses will be departing for various destinations between 8pm and 10.30pm. So if catching a bus be ready at the pick up point out (where you got dropped off)

CATCH A BUS - This event is a one day super event where we prefer to see people, who are able, jumping on buses to and fro. You can check timetable info and purchase bus tickets via Rover's website here.


OVERNIGHT STAY - A camping pass ($40 per car) can be purchased only on arrival once a thorough vehicle inspection has been carried out. This is to ensure no illegal alcohol is brought into the licensed area. Please be aware that any person attempting to smuggle alcohol into the event will be refused entry into the event and possibly future events. Food is permitted into the camping area but not into the event arena.

ONSITE PARKING - For those driving to the event and looking to park onsite, (most likely as a designated driver), there is a carpark located at the front campground entry.

CAMPFIRES - Be it known that if there are no fire restrictions in place, then we do permit small personal fires in the campground. The conditions are that they must be in one of the designated locations and manned at all times. You do not need to bring any firewood.

SUNDAY BREAKFAST - There will be breakfast including awesome coffee, available in the morning, either via the Dashville kitchen or sleepy food truckers.

A bit of history on it all

The concept of PigSty in July has been around for a little while, 8 years in fact. Run by us, the small team behind Gum Ball. The first one was held at the Gallipoli Legion Club in Newcastle in 2006. The Porkers, Ngariki and our band, Johnny Real & The Lovemakers played, around the same time we cooked 200 people a traditional Irish baked dinner, which was the main motivation, a hearty day-long recipe that was memorised after a fond Christmas spent in dirty old Dublin town.

The following year we held a slightly smaller one in the back room of the Grand Junction Hotel in Maitland. Built on the sly, it was in fact a pseudo surprise party for the big brother. The Fumes blew the leek and potato soup stained table cloths off, support was provided by the very talented Paul Greene and that old familiar band again, Johnny Real & The Lovemakers. The 3rd PigSty In July was rather monumental, held in 2008 at Maitland Town Hall. An event elegant and special for so many reasons. The tables featured home made scented pig candle centerpieces until they were moved over by girating bodies. The Gin Club were a fantastic spectacle, as was Sydney band The Botanics and the last minute inclusion slipping from out of the kitchen for what would be their last ever performance, the host band Johnny Real & The Lovemakers. Circa 2008, The Gum Ball was in the midst of a growing battle with council and money and PigSty due to its required time and energy and financial pitfalls across the board, was shelved in the hope that one day it could become viable again. Fast forward five years and with the development of Dashville and The Gum Ball, finally the window to crack out the suits and whats left of the scented pig candles appears and we put the show back on. Only thing is that this time, its outdoors at Dashville.

2013 was a ripsnorter, 2014 sold out and now we await 2015.

Aside from enjoying the luxury of dressing up, eating great food and listening to great live music, it appears the new found motivation for PigSty In July is to simply give us all another chance to enjoy life on glorious Dashville amongst great company!

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