Rescheduled date Saturday 27th November



Saturday 27th November, 2021


A boutique all day dinner party for you and your friends, held at Belford, Hunter Valley NSW.


 PigSty in July is a decadent day in the bush, celebrating all things dark, warm and wintery. An ideal setting for friends to catch up, with loads of live music and comedy, a second-hand formal dress code, succulent food harvested locally, top-shelf grog and a few toasty bonfires for good measure.


10hrs of power... featuring,


JAZZPARTY is Melbourne’s Monday night secret society led by former saxophonist and songwriter of Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes Darcy McNulty and supreme diva and ex-Rackette Loretta Miller.
The spirit of Jazz Party is surprise and spontaneity, like nothing you have seen before or will likely see again, as if a wild shindig collided with a cult gathering. Virgins to the Dashville stage, trust us when we say you are going to love this band.


The years have been downright mean to Front End Loader. Too young to be part of the glory days of the celebrated “Aussie pub rock scene”. Too old to ever truly understand, the various emergent platforms and modern music-delivery environment. They just know how to write riffs and rock out, something they do remarkably well, despite all their flaws. After having to cancel their New Years appearance at the final hour due to the rona, Dashville is stoked to be bringing these favourites back for PigSty In July.


Made up of three brothers and two mates, no other Australian band sounds like them. An explosion of funk, flute, sax, synth and groove, the dance floor is packed at a Vaudeville Smash gig, the crowd goes wild. Making their way up from Melbourne for a big Dashville debut, you better believe they'll smash you.
Oh and in case you’re wondering, they took their name from an Italian children’s karaoke machine that was around in the late ’80s.


The Casino Rumblers have been a huge force in the psychobilly/ska scene since 2000 and a heavy touring act for 16 years, touring with some of the best including The Misfits,Tiger Army, Mad Sin, The Meteors, Slim Jim Phantom.
After a bit of time out to pasture, they've worked up a brand new album and are ready to fire in 2021, looking to claim their place back at the top of the psychobilly train.


The Bottlers are a hard playing, nine piece, all acoustic folk punk band hailing from Sydney, Australia. Drawing life breath from not only the traditionally folk fuelled rural reaches of the nation but also it's city scapes and suburban streets with a solid tip of the hat to the folk, punk and folk punk pioneers that have traipsed and trekked the trails well before them.
Bloody Hell


BLOODY HELL is a Newcastle based dark sarcastic, brutally heavy punk rock band who can entertain you, challenge you, scare you, make you laugh and get you excited in the hips. These boys are quickly becoming a Dashville favourite, and you'll see why. Joining the line up for for PigSty will bring a darkness that you can't help but enjoy. Don't feel guilty for dancing to their addictive beat, we'll be right there with you.


Bitchcraft formed in Newcastle, NSW in 2001 with the urgent need to rage and tell stories of revenge, predatory dudes and regretful relationships. With a “fuck you” party attitude, Bitchcraft tear up the stage and may possibly tear you a new one. The band leaves a trail of chaos, anger and an adoring fan base with a powerful frontwoman (Simone Price) who alternately terrifies punters or garners their undying affections. After a 5 year hiatus to attempt to become earth mothers (it didn’t work) Bitchcraft returned to the stage in 2018. We're thrilled to have these feisty girls on for PigSty.


WELL? are an incredible rock/prog/fusion three piece band from Newcastle NSW - be aware this is local talent at its finest! Forming in mid 2019 the trio have covered ground quickly. They've released 5 singles to 5 sold out launches, all in the middle of a pandemic. They even caught the attention from legendary bands such as Mental As Anything prior to the passing of Andrew 'Greedy' Smith. 2021 has some glorious things in store for WELL? including PigSty (of course) and their debut EP "Issue + Command" out Oct 21.


Local act The Autumn Hearts are a four piece guitar band, who love the sound of chiming Rickenbacker 12 string guitars and catchy, jangly pop songs with lots of harmonies.
Like many of us, they grew up listening to the late 60’s psychedelic bands, mid period Beatles and other classic English pop bands. Something you'll no doubt come to notice when they dish out their own version of jangley fun-loving pop rock for us all to warm up to on their Dashville debut.


The Punk Rock Hillbilly could well be the best invention since cornbread. Two punk rock gurus who play your favourite punk rock classics in a undistinguishable hillbilly style.
Trent (One Dollar Short / Something With Numbers) & Joel (Irrelevant) are your hillbilly who carry on like galahs and will have you singing along to the songs you forgot you loved in no time! Gitbass, ganjo, kazoo, melodica - whatever they can find that makes noise!
You gonna eat dat cornbread?!?!”


Making their Dashville debut is Jet City Sports Club, a 4 piece indie/rock outfit from Sydney. The band blend influences of 90s grunge, Britpop and Aussie Indie and have an infectious guitar driven sound topped with shimmering vocal melodies and lead lines. PigSty is sow excited to have these four babes join the party.

Rescheduled to Saturday November 27, 2021



Nat's What I Reckon 3 IMAGE CREDIT Julie Gee
Nat's What I Reckon is a reaction to an otherwise mundane world. Here to take the piss and get people laughing, Nat has got your back, champion!
Content creator, comedian, rock musician, isolation cooking champion and mental health ambassador Nat has been making videos as Nat’s What I Reckon for almost a decade. His hilarious social commentary has collected Nat a fast-growing, dedicated audience of over 2 million along the way, and his videos have clocked up more than 100 million views across all platforms. Finding entertainment everywhere from the weird to the pedestrian, Nat has taken the playful and thorough piss out of everything from trade shows and tattoo events to burnout festivals and exploring Area 51.
In response to the craziness he was seeing when COVID-19 crashed the party, Nat waged a war against processed food and launched a no-nonsense instructional video for one of his tried and true recipes. It struck a chord and sent views skyrocketing. This unlikely hero of lockdown got the internet cooking (and laughing) again.
When he’s not filming, cooking or foraging for rosemary, Nat can often be found indulging his love of rock n roll and comedy, playing in various bands and stand-up rooms around Sydney.

Snorts of laughter courtesy of

Dane Simpson

Dane Simpson

Dane Simpson was a Deadly Funny national finalist in 2015; since then, it has been a fast-rising trajectory for this Wagga Wagga based comedian with a whirlwind of corporate gigs, tours, and festival runs – as both a solo artist and as part of Aborigi-LOL.
Dane has appeared on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, the Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow, Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention, Get Krackin, and in feature film rom-com The Merger.
Rosie Piper

Rosie Piper

Rosie Piper is Australia’s premier transgender lesbian comedian*. A long-running favourite of Sydney’s comedy scene, you might’ve seen Rosie perform her stand-up at the Sydney Opera House, Enmore Theatre, on Tonightly, at Splendour in the Grass or just at gigs all around the country, supporting the likes of Wil Anderson and Zoe Coombs Marr.
You also might’ve seen her on the “Lesbians” episode of ABC’s You Can’t Ask That. More likely though, you’ve seen her at a KFC somewhere, shovelling popcorn chicken into her face with gay abandon.
Zoe Sitas

Zoë Sitas

This fresh comedian with a “relentless charm and high energy” (Fest Mag), has been making their mark on the Australian comedy scene in recent years. The 2021 RAW Comedy National Finalist  is an Improv Theatre Sydney graduate and continues to regularly perform in the ITS ensemble alongside Susie Youseff (The Project) and Carlo Ritchie & Steen Raskopoulos (Bear Pack). They have sold out Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival  and Sydney Comedy Festival seasons and received ★★★★1/2 reviews at their debut run at Adelaide Fringe (2020).
With a knack for hilarious storytelling and whip-smart social commentary, they are able to strike the balance between charming and poignant. Zoë is non-binary & queer and uses they/them pronouns.
Rudy-Lee Taurua Resized

Rudy-Lee Taurua

If you've ever thought that judging a book by its cover was a safe bet, then sit down, shut up and save your cash as triple j’s RAW Comedy 2020 National Finalist is here to crush those stereotypes in his heavily tattooed, proud Gay, First Nations hands!
Hard as nails but soft as a slow roast kumera, the multi-award winning comedian is a long-awaited antidote to the world tiptoeing around the truth. A proud voice for the Queers, the Brothers the Sisters and everyone in between, the award-winning comedian is all of us but unmistakably himself.
Hard-hitting, unapologetic, warm, loving, insightful - and most of all, hilarious! - Rudy-Lee Taurua is in a class of his own.

Quick Info

Date: Saturday, November 27, 2021
Fully Licensed. Over 18 only (sorry kidlets!)
Strictly No BYO food or alcohol.
Campground opens at 11am, first band midday.
Two-course dinner available to pre-purchase as part of your ticket, or purchase food on the night.
Lunch/light meals/coffee/dessert etc available for purchase at all times via The Swoop Inn.
Licensed bar open 12 midday until 10pm.
Tickets are $90 with two course dinner or $65 for general entry.
Camping onsite is included in your ticket.
Local shuttle buses from Maitland Train Station, Rutherford shops, Lochinvar pub, Greta pub and Branxton pub also available to purchase at $26 return.
Breakfast available to purchase Sunday morning.
We encourage you to read our refund policy on the ticketing website prior to purchase.
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