Raised By Eagles' entrance onto Melbourne’s musical landscape in July 2013 immediately garnered the attention of Americana music aficionados across the country, their debut release scoring the band a nomination at the Age Music Victoria Awards that year for "Best Country Album". 
Since then, continual raw and captivating performances have cemented Raised By Eagles’ reputation as one of Melbourne’s most sought after independent acts.

They released their widely acclaimed follow-up LP Diamonds In the Bloodstream in May 2015 which bagged a slew of award nominations and went on to win "Best Country Albumand "Best Emerging Artist" at the Age Music Victoria Awards.

It also scored them an invitation from the prestigious Americana Music Festival in Nashville Tennessee, where they delivered a stellar run of international shows before returning home to begin 2016.

Raised by Eagles are sure to be one of the highlights of this year's Dashville Skyline.