Ripple Effect Band are an all woman’s band coming from Maningrida in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Whilst following in the tradition of saltwater rock from the top end, they are forging new ground and a new sound as the first women from their community to play instruments and make their own band. They sing in five Aboriginal languages, Ndjébbana, Burarra, Na-kara, Kuninjku and Kune and they have a story to tell about their land, their languages and their culture. Since their 2018 debut release Wárrwarra, produced by Paul Mac and local Newcastle musician Jodie Kell, Ripple Effect Band have travelled across Australia bringing their unique take on rock music and their aim to connect with people and share culture.

They recently blew people away at Mona Foma Festival in Launceston, same time selling out their shows in Melbourne.

It will certainly be a special moment when these ladies hit the Gum Ball stage. The infectious energy will inspire, as they travel across the land to do what they love to do, play music together.