Yes we all know it’s been a difficult time for the music industry since COVID came to town, but there is a shining light on the horizon.

The Sky Ball concert series was be held over 5 nights, live in the Dashville paddock. The first 3 instalments went down 2-4 October 2020, coinciding with the NSW October Long Weekend 2020.

And then there were two more concert evenings on the following weekend 9th and 10th October.

The Sky Ball concerts were carefully planned COVID-safe events, modelled on our successful August Dashville Night series, these shows featured an even more intimate vibe than usual for Dashville. Guests were seated in their own socially distanced 'Party Pens' in front of the single stage, with a group of friends of their choosing (up to 10). Kind of like a Rona-free VIP area for the duration of the concert.

Please note - staying seated in the party pens may prove a challenge for wiggly little people, just something to consider when planning your attendance. 

Whilst the outdoor concert series held at Dashville only features a small audience of around 250 people camping out under the stars and socially distanced, an additional component for punters to get excited about is the huge online concert Sky Ball TV.

It's all about getting back to enjoying live music and supporting the huge wealth of local and regional NSW artists who are itching to perform for you on a beautiful big stage, live at Dashville.

Sky Ball TV consists of a bunch of high quality recorded live performances, available as a pay to view concert stream, kicking off from 2pm, Saturday 3rd October.

SKYBALL Concert Series Sessions 1,2&3 LowRes
SKYBALL Concert Series Sessions 4&5 LowRes
SKYBALL TV Online Festival Full Lineup LowRes-01
Catherine britt
Ben Leece
lachlan x morris newcastle gum ball 2020
Dave Wellls
SKYBALL Border 02-01
CJ Stranger Single Art 1500

For everyone who wishes they could have made it along, you can still enjoy the event and directly support the artists through the virtual experience of Sky Ball TV.

100% of sales go directly to the artists.

ChaseTheSun_B&W_Small_Credit Glen Morgan
Corey Legge - 2019 Hi-Res Main Press Photo
James Thomson
Dave Favours
Andy Nelson2
Darlings of Dashville

If you're looking to read more about Sky Ball, check out our recent news post which outlines what's happening.

A lot has evolved in the last few months, so no doubt you may have questions. So we have put this page together to hopefully cover of all the questions. There is a direct contact on here if you're question remains unanswered.