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We're holding the date...

2,3,4 October 2020

Please stay tuned as we wait for some solid info to share with you all.

All previous ticket holders of Sky Ball, will have first dibs on the revised tickets for the down sized event. Thanks for your patience and understanding. For those who are searching for more information, please read on below.


What’s happening with Sky Ball?

Once we know exactly what Sky Ball will be, we will let you know. At this stage we are hoping that we can have anywhere between 100 and 500 people over 3 days, with a bunch of bands and fun, all whilst abiding by any social gathering laws that apply at that time. The Sky Ball tickets will first become available to all persons who had purchased Sky Ball tickets.


I can’t come to Sky Ball or The Gum Ball 2021, but can I get a credit to another Dashville event? 

Yes your credit can be used for any Dashville event. In coming months we will add more events to our calendar for which you can choose from.


I had my Gum Ball 2020 ticket transferred to Sky Ball . Do I still have a Sky Ball ticket?

No. You should have an email from Humanitix containing a credit voucher which you can choose to purchase a ticket to Sky Ball, Gum Ball 2021 or other Dashville events .  Gum Ball 2020 FAQ


Do I get any type of special dibs on the new Sky Ball event? 

If you purchased Sky Ball tickets, you will get first dibs on tickets for the new priced event. Those who were transferred to Sky Ball from Gum Ball will get second dibs. Those who don’t have prior credit will get an option to buy tickets if any are available at that stage.


How long do I have to make a decision on using my credit voucher? 

There will need to be a window period for using credit for events such as Sky Ball and Dashville Nights, as we anticipate they will be restricted in capacity. However you can hold onto your credit for the next 2 years if you like.


Can I use my credit for Merch or other Dashville presented events?

Your credit is embedded in the Humanitix system,  it is not a transferable credit system so you can only use it for events that are on sale via Humanitix.


Can I change the names on my ticket transfers?

Yes, you can change names on any tickets, simply following general Humanitix procedures.

Can I please have a refund?

Unfortunately Dashville is in a critical financial position. Due to the nature of events, there are a lot of committed expenses which have been carried out throughout the lead up to The Gum Ball 2020. We have had to cover these costs despite the event not going ahead in the intended timeline. As such, only under extreme circumstances can we consider a refund, as we simply do not have the funds available.