What's it all about?

Dashville Skyline is a family friendly "cosmic country weekender" celebrating Americana, psychedelia and alt-country music. 

A celebration of quality country music in its varying forms, the traditional art of songwriting and the nostalgic culture that surrounds it.

A showcase of the roots of "alternative country music", from its beginnings in the '60s and '70s,  to its widespread influence in today's performing artists.

We're so excited about this festivals return to Dashville this October Long Weekend. Dashville Skyline was such a pleasure last year.

What an incredible seed that was planted. The artists, the food, the audience, the Sunset Super Round. Prepare to see it all back again, bigger and better where possible, with a few changes here and there (based on all your thoughts and opinions from the last one).

We hope you can share in the pleasure of such a cool little country music and culture festival..if we don't say so ourselves.

It matters little if you're a musical superstar or a musical muppet, what matters is that you're willing to sign up for an awesome weekend away in the bush, kicking back with friends and family, supporting quality live original music and chowing down on the best food and booze money can buy.

The event runs from lunch Friday 30th until (late) lunch Sunday 2nd October (October long weekend). There is also an option to tack on Sunday night camping, and to enjoy more live bands on Sunday, if desired.

Along with the music will come the culture surrounding it, the food, the beer, the cow-lickin', the markets, the cars/bikes and more. All pieces combined, this festival is super chilled and something incredibly special for the whole family to enjoy.

The Dashville team are sorting the final bits and pieces for this festival, so please grab your tickets and stay tuned for further info and elements as we roll down the line.


For this festival you can purchase a Full Weekend ticket or just the Saturday/Sunday. Please see hours of operation below.
 Friday, September 30, 2016
  • Campground is open for arrivals from 10am, Friday, September 30
  • The festival arena, music and bars open from 2pm
  • Festival, music and bars close - 12midnight
Saturday, October 1, 2016
  • Campground opens for new arrivals from 8am on Saturday 1st October 2016
  • Arena opens when you wake up. Breakfast will be amazing, provided by our speciality food stalls and trucks. (Bars open at 11am)
  • Festival runs all day until 12 midnight
Sunday, October 2, 2016
  • Sunday music and festival access for Dashville Skyline weekend ticket holders ends at midday.
  • Punters with a ticket to our Sunday Wind Down Exclusive, have access to an extra afternoon of music and activities, plus an extra night of camping.
  • There will be a movie screening for the kids, while for the adults the bar will remain open.

Here's The Catch

Around sunset on Saturday, a bunch of artists performing the festival will be coming together for a massive spectacle known as the 'Sunset Super Round'. A songwriter in the round/jam type scenario where artists come together to perform live their choice of one of the greatest songs of all time.

These songs are going to be recorded live and then at the end of the festival, we're going to give them back to all ticket holders to enjoy as many times as you like. How cool is that!

You can get involved soon by voting for your favourite songs from the '60s and '70s. Every person that selects their favourite songs, will go into the draw to win a Gretsch guitar, signed by all the artists at the festival! Stay tuned for when we announce voting open!


Dashville Skyline will feature no less than 28 individual performances by different acts over the weekend.

Last year's staging was a well executed experiment, a 3 stage bonanza. Some reckoned it was awesome, some preferred the traditional center 2 stage layout. So currently we are considering re-modelling the stage locations a little, either way expect it to be our best effort to bring another amazing experience.

Aside from the Sunset Super Round, which you can read about below, we're excited about the best start to the day you can ever have.. A Smoking Bluegrass Breakfast will get you going from 9am Saturday and Sunday!


I think we can agree, last year's food was amazing - and 2016 will be no different.

Dashville Skyline punters will be spoiled this year, with the return of the famous Nighthawk Diner and their mouth-watering burgers; slow-cooked meat by Newcastle powerhouse MEET, who will be unveiling their new Texas smoker; superb Tex Mex cuisine from Opie Funk and the return of an old favourite, Rustic Pizza.

There will also be coffee by Newcastle institution, Sprocket. The General Forage will be your place to go for milkshakes, baked goods, lollies and other sweet treats.


Two fully stocked live-in-cause-its-so-comfortable bars onsite serving a range of American and American influenced ales, spirits and cocktails. Australian wine will hold fort, as arguably our wine is better.


Of course the music is high on the agenda, but its not everything, that's for sure... Particularly those with young ones, Dashville packs a lot into its paddock for both young and old.

Take a stroll through the quaint Dashville County Fair... there will be a petting zoo, a special appearance from Hamish the llama, flower crown-making workshops, PAVO Henna temporary skin art, morning yoga plus a few other surprises!


The festival is held 2hrs north of Sydney, 45mins west of Newcastle, at Belford in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Its obviously easy to drive from either of these cities. If coming interstate, Newcastle Airport is your best option. If in need of travel assistance, please hit us up via email or perhaps try the Facebook event page community.

IMPORTANT RULES - Terms & Conditions

Please read these carefully, some of these are standard terms for Dashville, some are new, so make sure you take note and pass this information on to all in your party.

  • NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE BYO INTO ARENA (allowed in campground - but no glass)
  • NO DIPSHITS OR DIPSHIT-ISH BEHAVIOUR. We at Dashville pride ourselves on hosting events full of considerate, consciencious good folk, which always guarantees a good time for everyone else. Let's keep it this way.
  • NO AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR (See above policy on dipshits).
  • UPON ENTRY - All vehicles will be subject to a search prior to entry to the festival campgrounds.
  • GAS BOTTLES - will be checked by security and must in suitable condition with valid service date to be permitted into campground. All compressed cylinders require responsible use at all times.

Basically these days if you think its illegal or not allowed, it probably isn't. If there is anything unclear or something you are not sure about, please email dashville@live.com for further clarification.

Festival Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or evict any person at any time for any of the above breaches. Any person caught behaving in a threatening, malicious or inappropriate manner (aggressive, riotous, abusive, or insulting actions) towards other patrons or event staff or equipment, will result in the permanent removal of the patron from the site and possible referal to police for prosecution.


Do you have showering amenities?
We have a large block of private shower cubicles to cater to the needs of all campers and there are always a sufficient number of portaloos within the arena and campgrounds.

Can we bring deckchairs?
Yes, deckchairs and picnic blankets are allowed and encouraged.

Is the property wheelchair-friendly?
Yes, the campground is flat and the main arena gently undulates. We have had wheelchair-bound music lovers visit in the past and they’ve had an excellent time.

Is there a limit on the size of campervans and caravans?
At this time there is no limit on the size of campervans and caravans. The campground is expansive but is at the mercy of the natural vegetation. If you and your friends have large campervans and would like to be parked next to each other, we recommend getting to Dashville as soon as gates open, as our policy is first-in-best-dressed. Early campers get the best spots.

Can we park next to our tent/campsite?
Yes, provided there is room. The campground has a first-in-best-dressed policy, so get there early to ensure the set-up you’re after. We also ask campers to respect that a large number of people need to squeeze in, so don’t take up any more space than necessary.

Can I bring my own generator?
Small generators are permitted but please be respectful of your fellow patrons in regards to noise. Switch off the genny when others are trying to sleep.