September 30 - 1 - 2 October, 2022

Dashville Skyline Cosmic country Weekender is ready to roll again in 2022. We hope to see you on the October Labour Day long weekend, for the next and seventh big bubble of music loving family fun countrified good times.

The Dashville mob put a lot into the events they host, and this is probably their favourite love child, so expect a pretty awesome weekend full of great music, food, relaxation and family friendly fun.

The full line up of artists has just been announced, featuring an amazing cast, including the return of the one and only Black Sorrows!

There's also an additional option this year to purchase a Thursday night early entry ticket which includes a special show 'Ol Fashioned Nights' Hosted by larrikin cowboy Henry Wagons and his trusty sidekick Lachlan Bryan.

In case you weren't aware, Dashville Skyline celebrates the legacy of musical greatness in this world. 


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Let's take it back to past years...

Quick run down.

Dashville Skyline - Cosmic Country Weekender is a throwback feast. A super laid back long weekend camping festival located in pristine Hunter Valley bushland, celebrating the golden era of ‘Americana’ music from the mid '60s and '70s and today’s nostalgic culture that surrounds it.
Great artists from all around the world,  come together in a celebration of the music and great songs that spawned from this influential period and the culture surrounding it, that has evolved and inspired so many.

In terms of the music, we like to mix it up, so expect a myriad of musical styles throughout the weekend, from alternative country, Americana, folk, bluegrass to psychedelia and blues music. Over two stages, one artist at a time, no clashes, no running around, catch it all, one by one.

Along with all the musical escapades, expect a myriad of fun and games for the whole family. Great Americana inspired cuisine, cars and culture. There's a farmyard, lawn games, hand picked markets and more all wrapped up in a relaxed family atmosphere and onsite bush camping that Dashville has become popular for.

Collaboration's the word.

Dashville Skyline tends to present some very cool artist collaborations..

Expect the return of the immensely popular Sunset Super Round, which seems to have become the “jewel in Skyline's crown”.  Around nightfall, artists merge to collaborate on the main stage, to pay homage to their favourite songwriters.

There's been some pretty awesome moments gone by.... (such as when Holy Holy did a full-blooded cover of Neil Young's 'Southern Man', Melody Pool and Ruby Boots' came together on Lucinda Williams' classic 'Fruits of My Labor' and William Crighton carried Neil Diamond’s ‘Solitary Man’ to dark places. Teskey Brothers did a fine version of The Band...we could go on and on!

Always such a spectacle, we can't wait to see the community magic unfold in 2021