Steel City Sue is the long-time fiddle player and singer from The Fuelers (ACT) and has performed in a load of acts in Newcastle and beyond - folk, roots and rock. She can also be spotted around the Australia and Appalachian folk scenes as an avid session-jamming roots player - playing music just for the heck of it.

All of this time she has been quietly writing her own original songs. But has never recorded or performed them... for many reasons.

Finally encouraged and enabled by musician, recording engineer and producer Mike West of Truckstop Honeymoon (Kansas, USA) Sue is soon releasing her debut album Boom Town - 11 tracks of Newcastle-born material recorded in Lawrence, Kansas, covering politics, heartbreak, adventures taken and forsaken - with some songs decades old.

Steel City Sue is putting a band together to perform her original songs, and has initially teamed up with Jac Amidy - a Newcastle raised-Sydney based musician known for her spectacular singing: which is put to good use on the harmony-driven songs of the Steel City Sue repertoire.