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Unless stated otherwise, all tickets generally include onsite camping. You should receive an email confirmation with any ticket purchase. If you have any issues, then feel free to shoot us an email at mail(at)

Family Portrait Day & Christmas Party

Beat the bustle of the shopping centres and head out to Dashville for a relaxing afternoon of live music, family photos, picnics and shady rug time. It's free day entry, but we ask people to register their intentions.

Dashville New Years

This 3 day relax-fest is going to be a very enjoyable way to finish out what has been a very challenging year! 


This is for those who like their music 'slightly heavier'. Grab tickets now for this one day belter, as they're destined to increase in $ slightly alongside pending artist announcements.

The Gum Ball 2021

Yes it is destined to return, and when it does it'll be a whole lot of righteous fun for everyone in attendance.

All listed events at Dashville

If you're desired event is not listed above (and it's held onsite at Dashville), hopefully you'll finds tickets here.