THE HOUSE OF BIG DREAMS is a place for the young ones to sleep/hang out in the evenings while Mum and Dad have a bit of exclusive Mum and Dad fancy dance time.

As most would be aware, The Gum Ball has always been a child friendly zone, something that we're very proud of. But after some ongoing feedback and suggestions we've decided to give a night time kids club a go. So as a first for The Gum Ball, Mum and Dad will have the option to check the tuckered out children aged between 3 and 13, in for night time care between the hours of 7-11pm on both nights.

(We've named it The House Of Big Dreams, simply cause we feel the word creche sounds more like a sweet cake than a child care facility.)

Managed and run by approved child care workers in a purpose built enclosed tent inside the arena, full of creature comforts, activities, movies and cosy sleeping spaces, all to keep your little one entertained and comfortable. Please bring a pillow, drink bottle, snacks (if needed) and a blanket along.

This service will cost $40 for up to 4 hours.

Simply drop the young ones into T.H.O.B.D after dinner and let our wonderful child minders do the rest, whilst you have a brief moment to enjoy the night time acts.

There is a limited capacity for this service so it is advised to pre book as soon as possible. Click the link below to pre-book a spot in The House Of Big Dreams.

Would you like to book this service?

To secure your child(s) spot, please pre book via our store page.