The first offering from The Pleasures (Catherine Britt and Lachlan Bryan’s new outfit) is ‘The Beginning of the End’. Americana twang meets dirty rock n roll on this sassy single with its themes of mischief, recklessness and indulgence - the perfect antidote for these austere times. Britt and Bryan’s perfectly matched vocals holler over a stomping, swaggering band, leaving us in no doubt that The Pleasures have come out swinging!

While Catherine and Lachlan already have established careers, this collaboration (which began with a late-night sms exchange and quickly descended into a feverish fortnight of writing and recording) represents a significant stylistic shift for both artists. Their debut full-lengther is already in the can, and is set for release later in 2022.

“Lachlan and I have always clicked in life and in song” explains Catherine, “andwe’ve always had an unspoken understanding and respect for one another. These songs came so easy - they flowed out of us like a raging stream. I just want more honest, real music in the world and I couldn’t think of a better person to make it with!”

“I don’t think know anyone else who feels and understands country music the way Catherine does”, says Lachlan. “She sounds authentic because she is authentic. When she opens her mouth and sings you can hear the neon lights buzzing, you can taste the tequila and you can barely see for the cloud of smoke. It’s all that stuff that people try and fake – they try and put in on – but it’s like she was just born with it”.