Thrashville takes a step forward, annoucing first four acts for 2021 return.

As pubic gathering restrictions begin to ease around the country, Dashville is excited to be able to share some forward movement with the announcement of the first four acts for heavy music event Thrashville, an event destined to be held 13th February 2021.


After taking a year off in 2019, Thrashville was set to make it’s return as a ‘slightly heavier’ music festival in September 2020, but due to the pandemic suffered the same fate as all of Dashville’s festivals, and was postponed to 2021.

Since the festival’s inception in 2017, Thrashville has proven to be a valuable outlet in a very sparse and challenging ‘heavy’ live music landscape, with the event proving to be one of the few grassroots outdoor heavy music festivals in existence.

Given it’s rarity and strong interest from heavy music fans across regional NSW, organisers are eager to ensure punters that we have full intention on the festival going ahead in 2021 in whatever form is achievable.

Ahead of further artist announcements, please welcome four hand-picked acts for Thrashville in 2021.


The First Four


Astrodeath are a duo born in 2018 as the heavy-hitting, sludge-grunge brainchild of Timmy Lancken (guitar and vocals) and Yoshi Hausler (drums). Their self-titled debut album is a concoction of tormented vocals, heavy slabs of evil riffage and titanic drums that will slap you right across the head.


SCABZ are a driving force behind Australia’s punk scene, serving up direct and unapologetic protest in songs like ‘Feel Good Summer,’ next to tales of drunken nights out with Australian Fast Bowler Brett Lee with ease. SCABZ are closing in on a full, reckless and energetic sound that no other act in Australia can match.


Featuring a litany of incredible 80’s metal rock riffage and a light show to expel the retinas out the back of your head, the renaissance of Rock and Roll is here when Battlesnake annihilate a stage near you.


PurEnvy hail from the steel city of Newcastle, NSW. Fusing elements of thrash metal with harmonies reminiscent of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. PurEnvy have been perfecting their craft for many years, appealing to a wide range of heavy music fans, and attracting a loyal following along the way.


Thrashville took a break in the summer of 2019 due to the rural event site facing the effects of extreme drought and soaring summer temperatures. The decision to return left ambiguous for the remainder of 2019 due to the heightened tension created by the NSW Liberal Government’s Music Festival license scheme. Now things seem to have settled a little more on that front, Thrashville is ready to rise again, re-scheduling to a cooler time of year.

Thrashville, much loved by the local heavy music scene, provides an under catered music community a special opportunity to come together and enjoy both local and interstate artists in a relaxed outdoor setting.

Combined with pro skateboarding displays and live visual art, Dashville is endeavouring to continue providing a space for many who embrace the slightly heavier alternatives within music and art.

Applications are now open for live performers, visual artists and skateboarders. Please head to the Thrashville website for further info.


The grassroots music festival was first established in 2017, with Nirvana’s favourite band, Cosmic Psychos headlining an action packed day full of great local and interstate heavy music acts.

In January 2018, after its breakthrough debut, Thrashville returned with another huge display of live visual art and a line up featuring punk legends Frenzal Rhomb and King Parrot.


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