The one-of-a-kind all-inclusive heavy festival is coming in swinging this September with a fresh line up of heavy bands and activities.

After two years of cancellations and determined reschedules, the ‘slightly heavier’ music festival held at Dashville in the Hunter Valley, is psyched to announce a return, September 16 and 17, 2022.

Held in lush bushland confines, the popular alternative festival, which only just had its postponed 2021 chapter held in February this year, is back with a fresh plate of awesome emerging and established acts, ready to spark pure delight into anyone with a penchant for punk, hard rock, heavy metal and everything in between.

The two day/night festival will feature seamless live music across two stages, accompanied by other cool stuff like tattooing, live graff and pro-skateboarding displays.

For now though, it’s all about the music, so please welcome to the Thrashville stage,

For the first time ever, the popular shifty extremism of Wollongong’s TOTALLY UNICORN, Sydney based punkrockers FANGZ, revered Newy punk rockers HACK THE MAINFRAME, Sydney metalcore maniacs ARTERIES, along with a healthy cast of local emerging debutants CRUCIAL TIMES, BOYCOTT, TIRED MINDS, TELURIAN, LATEST GOD and THE WANDERING.

We welcome back the devout all-consuming punk, stoner, metal experience that is THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION, Newcastle loveable lord of the rings, THE AUSTRALIAN BEEF WEEK SHOW, the funky sludge/ doom that is MOUNTAIN WIZARD DEATH CULT , local all-girl punk band BITCHCRAFT. From the 2020 edition, heavy duo ASTRODEATH and prog metallers The WITCHING HOUR return, as do local collaborators BLOODY HELL and still moist from their exceptional set at PigSty in July, we absolutely had to invite the loveable squadron WELL?  





Since its inception in 2017 Thrashville has fast become a key pilgrimage for the heavy music community. The one-of-a-kind regional all-inclusive heavy music festival has had an overwhelming response over the years, receiving a growing mountain of applications from punk, metal, rock performers across Australia eager to perform on the bushland stage.

With an energy towards supporting and developing the local scene as well as contributing to the Australian heavy music touring circuit, Thrashville is worth more than it's weight in metal.

Artists in focus


Totally Unicorn is an Australian metal band originally from Wollongong, New South Wales. Forming in 2010, the band are best known for their highly energetic and unpredictable live shows, which often feature partial or complete nudity, jumping off the stage or other raised platforms and interacting with individual audience members.

The band's live reputation has brought them to several high-profile tours and support slots; including shows with Kvelertak, La Dispute, The Chariot, Frenzal Rhomb, Rosetta, Cancer Bats and Tonight Alive.


FANGZ played their first live show 12 months ago and within this small amount of time the band have kicked some major goals.

In July 2019 they released their debut EP which was met with critical acclaim with all four tracks off their debut getting a spin on Triple J, as well as three tracks being added to the Spotify Editorial playlists; ‘New Punk Tracks’ and ‘Punk Unleashed’.

From there these party punks hit the road and didn’t stop. Their first tour saw them sell out the Chippendale Hotel along with many other full rooms. The boys then found themselves joining childhood heroes Gyroscope on a national tour followed by an east coast tour with local riff lords Bare Bones.  To top the year off FANGZ landed support slots with two of their biggest influences in Cancer Bats and Comeback Kid.

In 2020 the band released their first single ‘Falling out’ off their forthcoming EP ‘But No Thanks’ which they somehow recorded at the end of a very busy 2019 with producer Stevie Knight (The Dead Love).



Like all great threats to decency, the church of The Neptune Power Federation was born far from the dull gaze of the masses. Operating out of dive bars and biker clubhouses, playing to troubled souls with dirty hair and crude intentions, their high-volume psychedelic gospel spread like a glorious subterranean infection. In the pulpit is Imperial Priestess Screaming Loz Sutch, her tiny frame belying the colossal power of her scorching oratory, spoken in languages assumed through centuries of time travel. Her backing band consists of battle worn soldiers from the Australian underground punk, stoner and metal scenes who have long forgotten their former existences and are now forever beholden to the mesmeric lure of the Imperial Priestess.


Pioneers of deadshit rock. What started as an outlet for country ballads, progressed to punk ‘n western, and descended to disco punk, finally mutated into the stellar form of booze-fuelled politcal-charged gutter-mouthed finery that is The Australian Beefweek Show. After years of featuring a constantly evolving line up, Beefweek has finally settled on a bunch of musicians of no particular note, talent or credibility. They've played everywhere from Newie to Nimbin, Bourke to Balmain. After a 2 year hiatus they've returned with a classic new album called Panic at the Bottlo.



MWDC are an exceptional sludge/doom band from Sydney, and without a doubt one of Thrashville's MVPs from the last festival earlier this year. The origins of the band are seemingly quite simple and go back to one particular jam Chris had, with a new amp, which helped to express the sound in his head and coupled with Lachlan’s approach on the kit the musical basis for MWDC evolved. 
 Though it was at this point in time transitions from turbulent life events were taking place and the dark, moody, ambient passages contrasted with the visceral doom and groove wall of sound felt to naturally portray what was happening internally. 
 As more music was created Chris and Lachlan were joined by mutual friend and local Bass player Anthony Langton. Tony added a further groove and depth to the track that hadn’t been discovered previously. 
 By this point several songs were taking shape and JJ Brady expressed interest in joining in on the creative process after hearing demos of the band’s early material. The urgency and conviction of JJ’s vocals added another element to their sound further cementing their foundations and MWDC had been formed.

This is a serious band, a band that are fast cultivating a cult following on the Aussie heavy scene.

Bin Lids


Thrashville took a break in the summer of 2019 due to the rural event site facing the effects of extreme drought and soaring summer temperatures. The decision to return left ambiguous for the remainder of 2019 due to the heightened tension created by the NSW Liberal Government’s Music Festival license scheme.

As Thrashville geared up for a 2020 return, the effects the COVID-19 pandemic on mass gatherings led to the festival's cancellation.

Through perseverance, blood, sweat and tears, the mighty Angeroo rises from the ashes in 2021 not once but twice.

February 2021 saw the rescheduled 2020 event rip in, while in September 2021 was meant to host the year's official serving - two Thrashys in one year, it could have been a dream come true.

COVID had other plans for the second year in a row though, so Thrashville moved to February 2022 with organisers adding an extra night to make their 2021 of two Thrashville's a reality.

Thrashville, much loved by the local heavy music scene, provides an under catered music community a special opportunity to come together and enjoy both local and interstate artists in a relaxed outdoor setting.

Combined with pro skateboarding displays and live visual art, Dashville is endeavouring to continue providing a space for many who embrace the slightly heavier alternatives within music and art.

Please head to the Thrashville website for further info.

20210214_Thrashville 2021_7531

The grassroots music festival was first established in 2017, with Nirvana’s favourite band, Cosmic Psychos headlining an action packed day full of great local and interstate heavy music acts.

In January 2018, after its breakthrough debut, Thrashville returned with another huge display of live visual art and a line up featuring punk legends Frenzal Rhomb and King Parrot.


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