It may be a little more than two years between writing her first proper song and the release of her debut album, but Tori Forsyth would tell you it’s not exactly right to say her dreams are coming true.

Sure, the success of her early singles, including hitting #1 with more than 2 million streams on the Spotify most viral chart with 'New Walls', and her continuing work with award-winning producer Shane Nicholson, is exciting.

And she loves the sound and feel of her album Dawn of the Dark, which can spin from traditional, almost homespun sounds in 'Grave Robber’s Daughter' to rock-splashed guitars in 'White Noise' and beautifully arranged strings in 'Hell’s Lullaby'.

However, there are some dreams Forsyth wouldn’t admit to herself for a long time, growing up first on a rural property on the Central Coast and then a 62-acre spread near Congewai, a tiny Hunter Valley village where “literally the town is a street” she describes with an affectionate laugh.

Poetry and songwriting was stuff other people did, not this farm kid.

Even with the encouragement of a grade five English teacher who “was the only teacher in the school who made poetry a thing, and it was really cool”, she didn’t rate her writing, declaring “I always just fluked English."

Now Forsyth's journey will bring her to Dashville for Skyline 2018. You're in for a treat.