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Dashville's favourites to play shows in Muswellbrook and Quirindi

As part of our Make it Rain fundraising campaign, Dashville is putting on two big nights of live music, raising money and hopes for our drought-stricken farmers in NSW. The first is Friday, November 2 at The Muswellbrook Hotel from 6pm and then an even bigger splay on Saturday, November 3 at The Terminus Hotel in Quirindi, kicking off at 2pm.

The Quirindi show will a special presentation in regards to the tally of our fundraising efforts.

Dashville, the boutique music festival promoter behind events The Gum Ball and Dashville Skyline, kick-started an initiative in early September called Make it Rain, a double CD, 40-song compilation album, full to the brim with world-class alt-country and Americana music, including artists such as The Waifs, C.W. Stoneking, The Bushwackers and William Crighton. All the songs on the album were donated by artists and a lot of other suppliers kicked into make it all happen within an incredible short period of time.

"I’m still surprised that we managed to get clearance from 40 different bands/labels in just under two weeks to make this all happen. Dire times calls for drastic measures and we pulled a rabbit out of a hat with this one! It’s a credit to all involved!" says Matt Johnston from Dashville.

All proceeds from Make it Rain are donated to the Country Women’s Association of NSW, who are assisting farmers with money for food and other living expenses.

Performing at the two special concerts will be Ben Leece, Jason Walker, Adam Young, Lyle Dennis, Magpie Diaries, and Katie Brianna.

"Quirindi was a great place to grow up," says Ben Leece who hails from Quirindi. “There has always been a strong sense of community and pride of place. I knew it was bad, but it probably hadn’t really hit home until I saw the faces of the people in the 4 Corners story. It’s easy for those of us living in metropolitan or coastal areas to keep rural problems at arms length, but seeing the hurt in the faces of these men and women strong, resilient parents of kids I grew up with got me. The situation could be nothing short of dire for these guys to even think about putting their hand up. Make It Rain wont fix the problem, but if we can give a little bit, let folks know that there are people thinking of them and put on a good night without worrying about money, if nothing more than a distraction for a day or so, then hopefully that means something."

The final copies of Make it Rain will continue to be sold through our Shopify and the funds passed on to the CWA of NSW, but we would love for your donation to be a part of Saturday's tally. The farmers need our help now.