The Gum Ball to Host 10 Aspiring Young Gums

Today is a great day for young music lovers as we announced Young Gums Youth Mentorship program, an immersive five-day music-based learning experience in the Hunter Valley for 10 regional high school kids aged 14-18 who are interested in music festival production and events.

Applications are open now for this rare practical learning experience during a time when festivals are rare and live music events even rarer.

This program's funded by Festivals Australia is a five (5) night experience of one-on-one training, workshops and tutoring where students participate in daily rehearsals with a Music Director for a live performance on the last day of the festival.

Some of The Gum Ball's finest qualified professional artists, event managers and musicians are paired with regional youth interested in festival production, staging, lighting, recording, song writing, vocal training, music production and performance.


We're thrilled to create Young Gums as it provides regional students a rare opportunity to access the arts through a live music festival and allows them to consider music and events as a viable career path.

We're offering discounted tickets to a sized Gum Baller (parent or guardian) who is required to camp with the group, enjoy the festival and supervise their Young Gum while not at workshops.

We encourage the whole family to come along to bask in the music lover's paradise, with kids creche available and loads of fun activities for the whole gang available throughout the day and evening.

Applications open Monday the 8th of February, and close Sunday the 28th of February

All applications require parental consent.

Students apply with a short video and story showcasing their musical ability and passion.

Contact Dashville via any questions regarding Young Gums Youth Mentorship.

For application and more details, head to the Young Gums Youth Mentorship page on The Gum Ball website by clicking below.


Gum Ball 2021 tickets are on sale now - follow the link