Andy Golledge is a livewire and a gentle soul, trapped in a 70s tuna fisherman’s body. He looks like your old man back in the day, sounds like Neil Young, with the energy of Springsteen, and a vulnerability all his own. If Golledge is only just now beeping onto your radar, we almost envy you the voyage of discovery.

His name has practically become folklore in Sydney’s Inner West, both for the exhilarating unpredictability of his live shows and the curveballs of his repertoire, genre-hopping between’60s country and ’80s Greatest Hits rock.

In 2022, Andy Golledge has embarked on his first national tour to celebrate the release of his highly-anticipated album 'Strength of a Queen'. Debuted at #3 on ARIA’s Top Vinyl Albums and #4 on ARIA’s Australian Country Albums.