One hundred years ago Carl the Bartender would have jumped freight trains or stowed away on tramp steamers. He would have written novels in the heart of darkness, painted portraits of exotic womanhood and been a guide through the jungles at the furthest outposts of civilisation.

In this day, Carl the Bartender uses songs, his voice and a guitar to travel a road from city to country, sharing his simple songs about complex things: love, family and home. Phrases turn, emotions connect, melodies soar. You sing along even though you've never heard the tune before. Carl writes from a perspective of distance and interludes of life on the roads that lead from small towns to big cities.

Honest and real, Carousel Keepsakes is the debut album from Carl the Bartender (Benjamin Murphy).

After touring and writing with bluegrass band; Good Corn Liquor for over four years, the band suffered the loss of their lead singer to a head on collision whilst on tour.  After taking a break from music and life, Carl set about writing a new album that would call close to that chapter of his life. A touring juggernaut, living on the road Carl has done over 150 shows across Australia in the past 12 months including a 44 date national tour to promote the album.

He has also shared the stage with some of Australia’s finest acts including Tex Perkins, Shannon Noll, Shane Nicholson, Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont, Dragon, and Brad Cox.

Recorded and produced by Gareth Hudson at Hazy Cosmic Jive studios, Newcastle, the album has a gathering of some of Newcastle’s finest musicians including surviving members of Good Corn Liquor.