Known for his work with Electronic Rock act Gerling and more recently Folk Gothers Jep and Dep , the enigmatic Sydney based artist, Darren Cross has released three solo records both in France and here on his own label 'No Drums Records' since Gerling left the building in 2006.

An incredible list of songs have been produced within those 3 solo records but it is Cross's most recent album (Under the moniker D.C Cross) that has everyone talking for its modern point of difference and genuine artistic approach.

Called 'Ecstatic Racquet' is a totally instrumental folk guitar album with influences far raging from John Fahey, 60's English folk guitarists like Bert Jansch and Roy Harper to New age goddess Enya and modern guitarists like Steve Gunn and William Tyler.

'Armed only with an acoustic guitar Cross will take a willing audience on an ethereal guitar journey- equal parts Dark humour (some wish he never saw the Bill Hicks collection) and euphoric fingerpicking with the occasional folk song thrown in for good measure.' Rhythms magazine

Cross's new album finds beauty in small details, despair in others. It's a special thing to create these wordless stories with such lyrical qualities, in the context of contemporary Australian music this stands as a rare and quite unique album and we look forward to welcoming him along for his maiden voyage to The Gum Ball.