Dashville Skyline

A celebration of fine Americana music and culture.

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October 2015 (long w’end)


Organisers behind beloved boutique festivals The Gum Ball and PigSty in July have launched a brand new 2- day event, celebrating Americana music and culture at Dashville, Lower Belford.


The inaugural ‘Dashville Skyline’ will be held over the October long weekend, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th October and will feature some of Australia's best local performers in the genre which encompasses stylings of alt-country, pyschedelia, folk and soul.


Along with the Australian contingent, the festival will also feature international Americana artists, songwriter in the round sessions, the best American cuisine, cars and culture alongside the relaxed family atmosphere that Dashville has become popular for.


“A lot of people were disappointed that The Gum Ball took a break in 2015, but it made it possible for us to put together this great new event, which celebrates the evolving scene for Americana music, food and culture in Australia, which we at Dashville really enjoy”, says organiser, Magpie Johnston.


The name Dashville Skyline is derived from one of the first commercial Americana albums ever released, Bob Dylan's ‘Nashville Skyline’, from 1968.


Back in the late 60’s, Gram Parsons described Americana as ‘cosmic American music’, this was the time when traditional country music began to stray from its pop direction, blending with folk, roots, soul r'n'b, rock and psychedelia, to form an alternative style of country music.


Pioneered by artists like Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, The Band, The Byrds, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Creedence Clearwater, Flying Burrito Brothers and The Grateful Dead to name but a few, today Americana is a thriving scene, inspiring new and established artists, songwriters and musicians.


“Because Americana is a primarily a sub-genre of country music, a lot of people who enjoy this style of music are still unaware of the fact that it is indeed of Americana influence. As such its going to be a bit of an experiment, but all going to plan we hope to add Skyline alongside The Gum Ball and PigSty in July as an annual event at Dashville.” Says Magpie



Tickets for Dashville Skyline will go on sale 1st May, with a line-up announcement due around the same time.


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