At Dashville we endeavour to keep things super easy, mainly for you the punter coming to have a rad time at our place. I'm sure you'll agree it's a pretty unique arrangement this one. As such the rules we have listed are in place for a reason, so please respect our requirements. Read the info carefully and if you have any further questions or not sure about anything then please don't hesitate to email us at

If all is good and you're ready to roll, we look forward to catching you at Dashville from 9am Saturday 3rd October for the first ever Dashville Skyline!!

P.s If you're travelling from afar and interested in arriving Friday night then please email your enquiry to


PROGRAMMING - In case you weren't quite sure, the three stages are set out quite differently to The Gum Ball. There is a 20min cross over with the Stop 'n Stall and Willy Wall stages. Most band sets go for 40-50 mins.

IN ORDER TO WIN A GRETSCH GUITAR signed by Skyline artists- you need to enter your opinion in this 'best songs of the era' poll