As we began to open up around the country Dashville was looking forward to hosting a New Years escape once again to shake off an incredibly challenging year.

We’ve come a long way. We’ve taken some bullets and dodged a few more, but today feels like a really tough day, crunch time you might say, where we have to make a call and cancel our New Years event.

Unfortunately there is still a bit of uncertainty around whether our council DA renewal for our events will be back in time before the Christmas break, which was the reason we had to move last weekends event down the road.

Whilst the situation is looking better than last week, we still don't know what our conditions of operation for this new DA will be, or if there's something we won't be able to achieve within the short time frame left, so it's become a huge risk for us to float.

And now with the added risk of Omicron circulating locally in the Hunter, we just can’t afford to tackle the risk anymore.

So today we have made the call, we've just let all the bands and staff know that we are unable to go ahead as planned and now we are letting you know.

It sure does suck and the bit that hurts the most is the fact that so many of you had made plans to join us over that weekend to wave off this wondrous year in fashion. It’s hard not to feel like we’re letting those beautiful intentions down.

All tickets were refunded on 16/12/21, less booking fee.

Please know that we really want to come together with all those people who have supported us and helped us get through this difficult time.

However this is a long game and in order to preserve our ability to be here in the long run we need to be careful and honest with our own self. The stress has been overwhelming of late and we're on our way to 'Burn Out Town', which funnily enough is also a great band name.

You should receive your full refund within the next few days.

Once again we are very sorry, fortunately there's lots of great stuff on the horizon and all we can hope for is a better crack at the fun in 2022.


Team Dashville

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We really want to thank everyone for the positive support and understanding whilst we work to keep the dream alive for us and all those who like to at least dabble in the arts.

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 Please contact Jo Corbett for any media related enquires

Please contact the Dashville office for any event related enquiries