As restrictions ease around the country Dashville is gearing up to host a New Years escape to shake off an incredibly challenging year, they’re calling it 'A Fresh Start.’

A Fresh Start will be a 3 night concert series held in the lush confines of Dashville, running across 31stDecember 2020, 1st January and 2nd January 2021.

It’ll be very similar to the recent Sky Ball Concert Series, with onsite camping and family friendly, COVIDSafe activities throughout the day, ahead of an evening concert.

We are fine tuning the performer line up and daily event programming, which will feature no less than 4 acts each evening, kicking off from 6pm.

Ahead of an artists announcement, limited early bird tickets are now on sale, so jump on it if you'd like to join us.

Existing credit holders will be able to use their credit to purchase tickets to this event.


As restrictions ease, we are hopeful we can remove the need for 'party pens'. However, until we get closer to the time, we are unable to confirm what the exact requirements will be.

Please note that when you purchase a ticket to A Fresh Start, you are agreeing to abide by any social distancing measures that will be required in order to legally host the event.

Please read the ticketing page for more info on terms and conditions when buying tickets to Dashville events.

So who wants to come hang out at Dashville, catch some live music and have a relaxingly, revitalising start to 2021?
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We really thank everyone for the positive support and understanding whilst we work to keep the dream alive for us and all those who like to at least dabble in the arts.


Please see link to artist images.


 Please contact Jo Corbett for any media related enquires

Please contact the Dashville office for any event related enquiries