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We asked the artists playing Dashville Skyline to tell us one of their favourite songs - a classic or under-appreciated tune - and what they love about it. Here's the hot mail.

JOSH TESKEY of The Teskey Brothers
'The Thrill is Gone' by B.B. King

"B.B King has been a big influence on Sam [brother] and I since the beginning. I think it's way he makes the guitar sing with such feeling and soul. He's not too flashy because there's no need to be when every note is played with complete feeling. He's also one of my favourite singers. He had one of the best soul voices."

'The Ballad of Spider John' by Willis Alan Ramsey

"My Dad played me this song years back and I remember at the time I heard it I was transported to this beautiful love story that he describes. I've been a sucker for it ever since."

'Achin' To Be' by The Replacements

"Originally introduced via Paul Westerberg's contributions to the Singles soundtrack in the early '90s, "The 'Mats" have always been at the forefront of my fascination and the yardstick to which I will forever measure every other rock and roll outfit. Everything typically wrong about The Replacements makes them resoundingly right. Amongst the wreckage of snotty shtick and alcohol-fuelled career suicide is a legacy of tumescently perfect songwriting, unashamedly influenced by Alex Chilton and Big Star. For mine, choosing a favourite 'Mats song is what I would liken to choosing a favourite child, however in this instance 'Achin' To Be' seems a perfect pick. Released on the Don't Tell A Soul record of 1989, I believe it to be imperative to the wealth of incredible alternative country and power pop of the decade that followed. A melody so sticky your Teflon pan is rendered useless and words to be taught beside Keats in every high school English syllabus. 'I saw one of your pictures, there was nothing that I could see. If no one's on your canvas, then I'm achin to be.' Just brilliant."

'The Walk Of Life' by Dire Straits

"This song makes me smile from the first chord, takes me back to being a kid on the farm, hanging around in shearing sheds, making huts out in the bush. All that great stuff. I've loved the music ever since I was quite small, and I still listen to it a lot."

'If Only As A Ghost' by Jonas Alaska

"He's a Swedish dude Brent [DeBoer, singer] met at a festival with the Dandys [Dandy Warhols]. We really love him, he should be the biggest star on Earth and if the world wasn't so fucking stupid at the moment he would be."

'On the Beach' by Neil Young

"As I am currently sitting on a beautiful beach in the wake of spring, this one seems fitting."

FALLON CUSH (aka Steve Smith)
'We're Already Home' by GospelbeacH

"I discovered these guys earlier this year but can't remember how exactly. Turns out I was pretty late to the party and while they wear their influences proudly on their sleeves, their LP, Another Summer Of Love, is one of my favourite records released this year. In fact, I liked it so much I got in touch with the guys and told them if they ever come out to Australia I know of a good band that works cheap that'd love to open for them..."

'I Had a Dream' by Sagamore

"Every now and then a song comes along that I wish I'd written. This is one of them. Sagamore is a fucking excellent band. If you get the opportunity to see them, you definitely should."

'Honey Bee' by Tom Petty

"From my favourite record of all time, Wildflowers. 1994, I was 16 years old and one of the best records of all time came out - the Rick Rubin masterpiece, Tom Petty's Wildflowers. 'Honey Bee'. A killer tune on a pinnacle record from one of my favourite songwriters during my most formative year. There is really nothing more to say other than 'Gimme some sugar.'"

MAGPIE DIARIES (aka Matt Johnston)
'Clay Pigeons' by Blaze Foley

"Blaze was a mate of Townes Van Zandt's and other songwriters, and was made popular by other successful artists like John Prine and Merle Haggard. I saw the doco about him and it's just a proper sad story of unfortunate events. 'Clay Pigeons' appeals to me because it feels like a song of hope from a man in a sea of hopelessness."

'Do I Move You?' by Nina Simone

"This was hard to pick. But I'm going Nina Simone - 'Do I Move You?' from the record Nina Simone Sings the Blues, which would have to be one of my all-time favourites (next to Tom Waits' Closing Time and J.J. Cale's Naturally). It's one of those songs that I never ever tire from and really puts a sway back into any foul mood. I love her sass and her bold expression of sexuality. I mean who else could make the line 'When I touch you do you shiver, from your head down to your liver? ' sound sexy? Nina Simone, that's who. And if you want a party song, then I always put on 'Black Stick' by The Cruel Sea."

'The Man in Me' by Bob Dylan

"Like many of [Bob's] songs it articulates the human experience of love so simply and eloquently. Something as I songwriter I strive to achieve... plus it's on the The Big Lebowski soundtrack which is the best movie ever made."


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