Much-loved Australian band Icecream Hands have surprised fans with a new studio album: their first since 2007’s The Good China.

No Weapon But Love is 13 songs dripping with the irresistible hooks and harmonies that made the ARIA-nominated band Triple J darlings and TV regulars between 1992-and 2003. The eponymous first single - inspired by a Ghandi quotation - is an uplifting pop anthem powered by the band's trademark melodic brilliance and impeccable guitar jangle. Although not a concept album, No Weapon But Love explores the ideas of love as a powerful force, love lost, love unrealised, love gained, love forgotten and remembered, and the uplifting kind as well. Fans are calling it the perfect antidote for the struggles of 2020.

How did this happen after such a long break? The band's primary songwriters Charles Jenkins and Douglas Lee Robertson have continued to collaborate on songs over the years. But according to Jenkins, "I emailed a few new ideas through to Doug in 2019, who unleashed his late-night production sorcery on the demos. When he commented that they sounded a lot like ICH songs, in a moment of weakness I didn't disagree, and the idea of a new ICH album gained momentum. Once the rest of the band got involved, we couldn't fight it.” "It was huge fun to get back in the studio together and record", said lead guitarist, Marcus Goodwin. "Of course, early on, I told Dougie how I felt that our aim should be to capture a stripped back, 'live' sort of feel. Four hours later, after literally dozens of extra guitar parts, we had this enormous, multi-layered sound. It's always 'more is more' with us when we get in the studio."