A Fresh Start welcomes Magpie Diaries to the line up after a big year for the local band, with members Matt, aka Magpie, and Jess welcoming their beautiful baby girl Ruby just a few weeks ago.

The destination Magpie Diaries has arrived is due to a one hell of a trip. In 2008, after a few years on the festival grind, Magpie Diaries was born as a small songwriting project created by Magpie to help with the grieving of a close friend. This song writing project would soon become a band, which eventually would go onto release music in 2015 (The Introduction EP) and 2018 (Sanctuary LP).

The band has deep roots at Dashville. So deep they go back generations. Matt is a born and bred Dashville man who grew up on the same property, which his family still call home. He is the man behind the magic that is Dashville, the creator of festivals like Gum Ball and all the great things we enjoy out there on that beautiful block of land, under the Lower Belford sky. As the years roll on so does Matt's musical journey and his passion to not let anything get in the way of music bringing people together. This year has been a testimate to Matt's unwaivering determination and resiliance to bring people live music at a time when it has all but been illegal in the way we used to know it.

In 2020, alongside his beautiful drumming wife Jessica, Magpie Diaries has created the music we needed in Go Anywhere, released in July, with lyrics so reflective and intuitive of the year that was. Written pre-COVID this tune swims in your head, with the travelling artist's story uncannily revelant to the year that unfolded.

Creation of music and Dashville aside, we reckon baby Ruby is Magpie Diaries' favourite creation so far.

These legends will be helping you bring in 2021 at A Fresh Start with their smooth soul country vibes, mixed in with dreamy Americana and a bitta psychedelica. These guys will grace Dashville's stage the first day of 2021 to kick starting the new year.

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