Weeks, months, perhaps even years will pass... and we will continue to reflect on the incredibly inspiring weekend that was the first ever Dashville Skyline. October 2015

There wouldn't be many including myself who'd have thought that the Skyline festival, and the Sunset Super Round would have struck out so damn well from the get go.

Essentially like many Dashville escapades, the Super Round was just 'a bit of an inspired idea' to help drive the mood along a bit. An evening ice breaker where we could bring everyone together for a bit of fun and lay tribute to some of the great songs of all time.

Some of the worlds greatest ideas now lay in awe... as we bring to you the very first chapter in the Sunset Super Round recordings, wrapped up as a gift to all those who support Dashville and the wonderful acts that work hard to grace the stage.

May you enjoy the offering, please feel free to sign up to our Soundcloud as we continue to update playlists and make further inclusions of other musical bits and pieces of genius that we may have up our sleeve yet to come.

Thanks a lot for your continued support, word spreading and general legendary.

Magpie and the team xx