Sky Ball has come along way in the last few months, so there is no surprise that there is a lot of questions.

So we've put this page together to hopefully cover off on a few of the wondering uncertainties.

Whilst we're endearing to have all questions answered below. If you're question remains unanswered,  it is probably best to text/call Matt on 0417690992.

Though please appreciate we are running on a small amount of staff, and if your matter is urgent we will endeavour to get back to you. If its not, then probably best to consider what is the most likely answer.

Thank you for your patronage, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Quick Background...

Essentially Sky Ball is a 5 concert series event.

Its name is testament to the two mighty Dashville festivals that never happened in 2020, The Gum Ball and Dashville Skyline.

The event is designed to be a sign of hope for a struggling music and events industry battling to stay afloat amidst the COVID pandemic.

With the success of the recent Dashville Nights series we held in August, came the vision for how to host the now very special 5 date Sky Ball concert series, taking place over two weekends, Oct 2nd - 4th and again on Oct 9th-10th, 2020.

Whilst its a little bit different to what we've done previously at Dashville, it will still be a weekend of great fun and live music.


What’s happening with Sky Ball?

Running off the success of the 'party pen' model used with Dashville Nights in August, Sky Ball will be a similar style, running over 5 days October 2nd, 3rd and 4th and again on Oct 9th and 10th for a maximum capacity of 300 people onsite each night.

In the ticketing system, there are two seperate weekends to select tickets for. Weekend 1 and Weekend 2.

For those unable to make it to the live concerts, or for those wishing to relive the magic, you can attend the online version called Sky Ball TV. (more on that below.)

How does a Sky Ball weekend look?

Despite the COVID-Safe conventions required, Sky Ball has still been designed with that Dashville magic and will be a special weekend away for the discerning music lover. Despite the hurdles we have faced to get here, we still have a special program of quality live music and good vibrations to soak up over the long weekend.

Each daily concert will take place in the arena from 6pm. This allows for extra time in the day to chill and enjoy the serenity in the campground or socially distanced about the Dashville gardens. You're welcome to head out and explore the local wine region, Branxton etc. In the evenings, you meander down to the arena for the main event.

The concert in the arena will be fully seated in party pens (aka your own private Idaho), in accordance with the COVID-safety laws. You can move about to use the facilaities, but basically once the show is happening it’s butts on seats. This is also a consideration if you’re planning on bringing any wiggly young ones. We encourage everyone to bring their own camp chair for their party pen, but we’ll have back ups if you’re without.

What time/s do things open?


Friday - campground opens 2pm, arena/bar opens 4pm to begin concert seating. Show starts at 6pm, and ends at 11pm.

Saturday - Campground opens from 10am. Arena open from 8am, to access The Swoop Inn for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Concert from 6pm - 11pm

Sunday - Campground opens from 10am. Arena open from 8am, to access The Swoop Inn for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Concert from 6pm - 11pm (weekend one only)

Monday (weekend one only) - Breakfast available from 8am at The Swoop Inn.


Breakfast 8.00am - 11.00am  daily

Lunch - 12.00pm - 3.00pm daily

Dinner - 6.00pm - 9.00pm daily

Snacks available all day.

The Bird Bath (bar)

Friday open from 5pm - 11.30pm

Saturday 2pm - 11.30pm

Sunday 2pm - 11.30pm


Is Sky Ball kid friendly?

Yes it is, but when factoring in what kids normally want to do and the limitations we have in regards to people moving freely about site, it might be best to give them the option to hang with Gran. Saying that, if you think they can handle 5hrs of live music in your party pen, the rest of the weekend is relativey unrestricted. Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to have any planned activity for kids at this event.

Is there food and drink available?

Yep! Dashville will provide an all day food menu through The Swoop Inn, including a beautiful dinner menu each night. The Bird Bath bar will be open each day from 3pm. So please feel free to rely on us, the menu will be available on socials prior to the weekend.

Can we BYO?

You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks into the campground (no glass), however you are not able to bring food and drink into the licensed arena.

Who's playing when?

Sky Ball has 4 acts playing at each of concert. Thats the limit of the current government legislation.  Each night, four acts (and special guests) will play between 6 and 11pm.

How does the COVID Safe thing work?

Sky Ball will operate as a COVID Safe event. All attendees must sign in on the COVID-Register upon entry to the campground, and maintain the 1.5m social distancing measures when interacting with people outside their household. Everybody onsite is allocated a 'party pen' which is for you and your desired family and/or friends. This information has been requested through the ticketing system. You can have up to 10 people in your group. You must be seated unless grabbing food or drinks or heading to the tolet, campground etc. Anyone displaying symptoms si kindly asked to not attend.

How do I update my party pen info?

If you have already filled out the online party pen form and want to update your information, please send  a new email to

Can we have fires?

October 1st is the start of the bushfire period, so its permit town. If fires are permissible in the arena we will let you know. Our bushfire management plan cannot allow personal fires in the campground at Dashville.

Can I bring my dog?

We are huge dog lovers, but unfortunately for a number of reasons we cannot allow outside dogs to attend Dashville events.

I had tickets to Gum Ball 2020, but now can’t come to Sky Ball or The Gum Ball 2021, but can I get a credit to another Dashville event?

Yes your credit can be used for any onsite Dashville event until June 2022. Basically any Dashville run event that is for sale on the Humanitix website, up until June 2022. .


I had my Gum Ball 2020 ticket transferred to the original Sky Ball. Do I still have a Sky Ball Concert Series ticket?

No. You may be aware we had to abort that initial event model, because it did not fit the requirements of COVID safety and capacities. On June 11th you should have recieved an email from Humanitix containing a credit voucher which you can choose to purchase a ticket to this latest version of Sky Ball, Gum Ball 2021 or any other Dashville events .  Gum Ball 2020 FAQ


How long do I have to make a decision on using my credit voucher?

There will need to be a window period for using credit for events such as Sky Ball and Dashville Nights, as we anticipate they will be restricted in capacity. However you can hold onto your credit up to June 2022.


Can I use my credit for Merch or other Dashville presented events?

Your credit is embedded in the Humanitix system,  it is not a transferable credit system so you can only use it for events that are on sale via Humanitix, merch or the online Sky Ball TV is not available with credit.


Can I please have a refund?

Unfortunately refunds are not possible. if you purchased using customer credit, you can have your credit returned. You can also opt to onsell your ticket if you like but we will need to have the names of the new ticket holders.




So who wants to come to Dashville and watch some live music?

Click the posters below for ticketing info on each concert series weekend.


Can't make it to Dashville for Sky Ball? Join us online for Sky Ball TV!

Whilst the large outdoor concert held at Dashville will only feature a small audience of around 250 people socially distanced, an additional component for punters to get excited about is the huge online component known as Sky Ball TV, which will feature all the artists performing, via a pay to view streaming concert series kicking off on Saturday 3rd October, running for the month of October, with funds going directly to the artists. TICKETS TO SKY BALL TV HERE


Essentially, Sky Ball will look a little like the image below, but with incredible audio and video supplied by the gurus of live production EAVS alongside local lighting professionals Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting.

We would also like to thank local business Farmers Warehouse Singleton for support with supplies for the party pens and Hunter Power Systems for their power supply!

We really thank everyone for the positive support and understanding whilst we work to keep the dream alive for us and all those who like to at least dabble in the arts.

20191005_Skyline 2019 Satday_0916crop


Please see link to artist images.


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 Please contact Jo Corbett for any media related enquires

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