Wow, it's been a wild ride to Sky Ball!

Though we've held on, riding the rollercoaster all the way and today we're excited to be able to share with you the program for next weekend!

Sky Ball is a testament to the two mighty Dashville festivals that never happened in 2020, The Gum Ball and Dashville Skyline.

But the event itself is designed to be a sign of hope for a struggling music and events industry battling to stay afloat amidst the COVID pandemic.

With the success of the recent Dashville Nights series, came the vision for how to host the now very special 5 date Sky Ball concert series, taking place over two weekends, Oct 2nd - 4th and again on Oct 9th-10th, 2020.

Now fast approaching, it has evolved into a very viable weekend of fun and music, with an amazing line up of local and regional NSW artists, ready to create some pretty awesome memories to share with both the 250 people onsite and through Sky Ball TV, the rest of the world!

Allow us to digress for a brief moment.. 

It's likely that you know that music festivals are illegal at the moment whilst the Public Health Order is in play.

Last week was a ‘big week’ for the Dashville operation, as we found ourselves defending our ability to legally host the Sky Ball event, proving to the local authority that Sky Ball is indeed a concert series and not operating as a music festival.

Under current NSW Government legislation, festivals are still not permissible, but 'concerts' are. The definition of a music festival was changed last week from being an event of over 2000 people, to any number at all. Also, to be a concert, the program must not be longer than 5 hours and 4 acts. Well, safe to say, that came as a bit of a surprise.

But sorry police officer we hadn't announced any programming? That's just a poster with a date and some bands on it?

So despite the need to address the issues of COVID safety, we did what we had to do in order to keep the show on the road in the final leg of its journey.

So the short and curly...

Sky Ball is a 5 night series of evening concerts which will commence from 6pm and run through until 11pm, held over the course of 2 weekends.

The up shot to all this, is that in light of Dashville's legal ability to operate as a live music venue and what everybody has had to go through in order to deliver the goods, we've decided to add an additional two concerts over the following weekend 9th and 10th October. We also have some additional tickets available to the original weekend 1 - the Oct Long Weekend (see below).

You can come to Dashville and leisurely camp in our bushland surrounds over on the concert weekends, come and go as you desire, go bush walking or wine tasting in the vineyards, play cricket or chill out at camp, join us for a beer or a feed in the Swoop Inn etc.

Please note that safety is our priority and Sky Ball has been designed as a COVID-Safe event, with fenced off allocated mandatory seating via our special 'party pens' (kind of like your own Rona free VIP area for up to 10 people of your choosing), single stage, social distancing measures and more.

Staying seated in the party pens may prove a challenge for wiggly little people, just something to consider when planning your attendance with youngsters.

So who wants to come to Dashville and watch some live music?

Click the posters below for ticketing info on each concert series weekend.


Can't make it to Dashville for Sky Ball? Join us online for Sky Ball TV!

Whilst the large outdoor concert held at Dashville will only feature a small audience of around 250 people socially distanced, an additional component for punters to get excited about is the huge online component known as Sky Ball TV, which will feature all the artists performing, via a pay to view streaming concert series kicking off on Saturday 3rd October, running for the month of October, with funds going directly to the artists. TICKETS TO SKY BALL TV HERE


Essentially, Sky Ball will look a little like the image below, but with incredible audio and video supplied by the gurus of live production EAVS alongside local lighting professionals Beyond Pro Sound and Lighting.

We would also like to thank local business Farmers Warehouse Singleton for support with supplies for the party pens and Hunter Power Systems for their power supply!

We really thank everyone for the positive support and understanding whilst we work to keep the dream alive for us and all those who like to at least dabble in the arts.

20191005_Skyline 2019 Satday_0916crop


Please see link to artist images.


Pop it in your office, local pub or cafe.

 Please contact Jo Corbett for any media related enquires

Please contact the Dashville office for any event related enquiries