The one and only Steve Smyth, is as mysterious as he is uniquely talented.

Now considered a local to the Barcelona Bakery, rest assured he is as appointed as ever. Like as if it were yesterday that we shared those sweaty heaving nights of sweet delicate raging rock and roll at festivals and small bars alike. Sweet memories just like the cabinetry that he masterfully restores when he's not creating precious, raucous aural chapters of a life well lived in soft comfortable ancient slippers that caress the majestic cobblestones of theoretical mystic.

With a plan to unleash a series of records in 2020, his like many plans were foiled with the pandemic and are yet to re-emerge. Though perhaps they may...

In any case we're fortunate to be hosting this great man, on his sojourn return home. Australia's favourite Spanish Troubador, Sunday 2nd October.