Suicide Swans are set to bring their fuzzy, cosmic cocktail of alt-country and '70s rock to the Dashville arena.

Hailing from Brisbane and Toowoomba, Suicide Swans are a five-piece that formed in 2012 from bedroom jams consisting of Kyle Jenkins (guitar/vocals), Kristian McIvor (multi-instrumentalist/vocals) and Glen O’Shea (drums) with a variety of friends contributing to the ever changing line up.

Their early sound was rooted in classic country and folk but with the addition of multi-instrumentalist/vocalists Ben Lancaster and Morgan Hann, the Suicide Swans expanded their live sound to include waves of piano, synthesisers and organ, textural atmospherics and a new found penchant for experimentation, tossing in a mix of country, pop and psychedelic rock. 

Last year they released their third record, la Jungla, to much acclaim. A band that represents the essence of Dashville Skyline's sound, we're pleased that the majestic sounds of Suicide Swans will be heard at Dashville Skyline 2019.